Odd Sequence Of Events Again Triggers Mass Chaos Over Imagined Threat- This Time At LAX Airport

Odd Sequence Of Events Again Triggers Mass Chaos Over Imagined Threat- This Time At LAX Airport | lax-panic | False Flags Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Just recently I wrote about a bizarre hoax that took place in Prague where a dubious character named Martin Konvicka, a professed anti-Islam anti-immigration activist with political ambitions coordinated a fake ISIS attack on the people of Prague using masks, ISIS flags, fake but real looking sub-machine guns, trucks and more. I questioned whether this was really a coincidental and isolated attempt by Konvicka to spread ISIS fear out of genuine belief that ISIS is a real threat to the Czech Republic or whether this was a more politically planned event sponsored and orchestrated by the West in their continued strategy of tension. Here we are not even a full week since that strange event in Prague and the mainstream media is reporting about an even stranger cascade of events that took place Monday August 29th at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles, California where a man apparently dressed up as Zorro wielding a fake plastic sword drew the attention of police and was being arrested at gunpoint when all of a sudden word got out through social media about a “shooter” at LAX. No one seems to have identified who started this rumor or how it got traction but in the end this led to mass panic at LAX where people, believing there really was a shooter, were chaotically fleeing for their lives nearly trampling one another. One must read the cascade of events for themselves to get an appreciation of the impact this odd intended or unintended runaway imagined event had:

A false report of gunshots that sent panicked travelers fleeing from Los Angeles International Airport came right after officers with weapons drawn detained a masked man dressed in black and possibly carrying a sword, officials said.

The sword was plastic, but soon after, hundreds of passengers raced onto streets or the tarmac, causing major flight delays that the airport was still recovering from Monday. Video shows at least six officers confronting the man, who was dressed as the fictional crime fighter Zorro, outside Terminal 7 around 8:40 p.m. Sunday.

False reports of an active shooter quickly spread, and passengers in five terminals evacuated or pushed through security checkpoints, airport police said.

Officers with rifles stormed the airport but uncovered no evidence of a gunman or shots fired.

It’s similar to a false alarm that led to a panicked evacuation two weeks ago at Kennedy Airport in New York, when a boisterous celebration of the Olympics may have been misinterpreted as gunfire, authorities say.

The Los Angeles scare created a mess, with three terminals shut down, roads closed and flights held in the air and on the ground, but no reported injuries. About 280 flights were delayed, while at least 27 flights were diverted to other airports and two were canceled, airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said.

Vehicle traffic was flowing again on the upper departure level during morning rush hour, but cars backed up on the lower arrival area, Castles said.

All terminals and roads into the airport reopened by 11 p.m. Sunday, about two hours after the initial reports, officials said. Besides traffic, travelers faced a massive backup in security lines because those who fled had to be rescreened through security.

“I’ve never seen passengers, just normal people, on the tarmac anywhere in the United States,” McDonald told Los Angeles news station KCAL-TV.

Douglas Lee, who was traveling home to Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife and son, said the greatest danger was being trampled.

“You can imagine hundreds of adults trying to go through an exit door,” he said.

At one point, he picked up his young son and left their luggage. Abandoned bags littered sidewalks as people fled.

As you can see the magnitude of the fear-based domino effect triggered by false or misleading information can be impactful on many people and at many levels of society. Just like the Prague hoax, this again reminds me so much of the 1938 Orson Wells famous fictional broadcasting of an alien invasion on earth which many back then took as real and panicked. I’ve always postulated that the Orson Wells broadcast offered the ruling elite a window to see for themselves the potential effect on the masses of an experiment in hoax-staging using the weapon of fear.

So the first question we should be asking then is- was this cascade of events that led to mass panic at LAX somehow by design or was it purely a coincidence? Or, conversely, if it was coincidental (which is a possibility) is this a symptom of who and what we (humanity) are becoming as a society? Is humanity so psychologically oppressed with one staged psyop event after another that now it (we’re) is looking for and “finding” the very “terrorism” it is imagining and the paranoia that comes with it? In other words, are we prepared to face the reality that if you subject the general public to your psyop constantly using fake terrorism and engineered fear eventually the fake terrorism and fear will give birth to cascading paranoia and fear and it all becomes a self-replicating self-fulfilling prophesy?

Remember, they call it “psychological operation” for a reason. These events actually affect your psyche and they effect your mental well-being, your perceptions and your discernment. They (the government engineered psyops) effect a person’s sense of judgment and sense of reality. Fear, which the ruling elite push on the masses, is extremely paralyzing and removes your sense of critical thinking, intuition, reason, logic and perception. It could very well be that the constant engineered fear that Americans today are bombarded with is actually beginning to alter our thought process, change our behavior for the worse and negatively impact our sense of reality. And it could be that this latest LAX panic story is just another sign of this human engineered disorder and disconnect.

Finally, what if this was another psyop stage event leading up to the 15th anniversary of September 11th? What if this was an experiment to see how people would react to social media engineered rumors in real-time. Plainly put, what if this was another adventure into the future of mass mind manipulation and mass crowd control? Nothing today seems to be too far out or too unimaginable in a world of staged events, legal propaganda and 24/7 corporate media lies to support the global agenda of the West.

In a world where it is now fair game to question literally everything we see on the mainstream media news it is fast becoming more of a challenge to separate reality from fiction and perhaps that’s the point. Keep the masses disoriented, afraid and confused in an era of information war and mass deceit. If this is what it takes for the ruling elite to have the upper hand in an era of information warfare then no one should assume they wouldn’t engineer fake panic events just to observe and study the end result and improve on their techniques.

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