One More Reason to get Rid of Glyphosate

One More Reason to get Rid of Glyphosate | roundup-weedkiller-glyphosate-1024x682 | Environment Special Interests Toxins
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We can probably all agree that Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller and its key ingredient, glyphosate, in our food and in our drinking water, poses a risk to our health—especially in light of the latest revelations about how Monsanto has conspired to deceive us on just how toxic Roundup is.

But a topic that gets less attention, is how damaging widespread use of Roundup is to soil. And lest we need a reminder civilizations “rise and fall” depending on the quality of their soil.

Last month, Beyond Pesticides reported on a review of studies what Roundup and glyphosate do to the quality of soil.

The review, by Robert J. Kremer, PhD, of the University of Missouri School of Natural Resources, cites concerns that include: reduction of nutrient availability for plants and organisms; disruption to organism diversity, especially in the areas around plant roots; reductions of beneficial soil bacteria; increases in plant root pathogens; disturbed earthworm activity; reduced nitrogen fixing at plant roots; and compromised growth and reproduction in some soil and aquatic organisms.

Just one more reason, as if we needed it, to rid the world of Roundup.

Read the full study: ‘Soil and Environmental Health after Twenty Years of Intensive Use of Glyphosate’

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