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To faithfully begin to save our great republic from the predatory sharks and wizards of empire, one must start with our phony mainstream media. We should not need to hasten back any further than the days before and after our illegal and immoral invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The bastard child of these horrific endeavors was of course our empire’s occupations of both countries. How can any dissenting patriot forget March 19th, 2003, which, just as with December 7th , 1941, will “Live in infamy” to quote FDR. Do any of you out there remember how our so called Third Estate reacted  from March 19th, 2003 on? Who can forget Lester Holt of MSNBC and Aaron Brown of CNN and little Katie Couric of NBC basically cheerleading our disgraceful Shock and Awe carpet bombing campaign against Iraq. Those phony stations made sure to have the latter three, as well as all their colleagues, continually interviewing a myriad of right wing retired generals. The goal was simply to explain and transform the horrors committed by us into ‘Just War’ excuses. Little Katie yelped out her famous line of “Marines Rock” just after they rolled thru to Baghdad. Probably the biggest phony of the  so called’ news talk  hosts had to be Chris Mathews of the usually ‘Democratic Party leaning’ MSNBC. When our idiot ‘stooge of a president’ landed on that aircraft carrier outside of San Diego, and pranced around with his flight suit ( obviously similar to the one he may have worn while sitting out the Vietnam War from the safety of the Texas Air National Guard)Mathews gushed with excitement. He called it ” … amazing display of leadership” and “I think we like having a hero as our president.”

When will our citizens realize that it matters NOT which of the two parties our president or our Congress, comes from. Since the wizards of empire most likely killed JFK when he tried to cease being their stooge, all our presidents thereafter have served the interests of the mega rich and mega corporations… to the detriment of not only our own working stiffs, but those around the globe. FDR made the mistake of trying to reign in the greed of crony capitalism and he failed. They allowed him to put forth a multitude of safety nets, but the mega rich were too powerful  to be controlled. Of course, looking back we see that the fruits of the New Deal have now become, 80 + years later, a Bad Deal. The dumbing down of our public education system over the last 30 years, the cutting of our top federal tax rate from 90% to 39%, the destruction of the unions (to less than 10% in the private sector), and the increase of military spending to over 50% of our tax revenues and AMERIKA rules!

This writer is too much of a peace activist to preach riot and violent revolution. Historically, when violence rules the day, the wrong people take over. No, this must take time to see a harvest of truth and justice. We who apparently know better, as recent history (not revisionist history) has proven, need to share truth with our fellow Americans. We also need to totally reject the Two Party con job  completely! To continue to vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’ still gives us evil. Too many good and decent fellow citizens fall prey to the propaganda thrown at them about the need (believe it or not) for more not less of our taxes going towards military spending. As the states and their cities continue to cut and cut more needed services and infrastructure projects due to lack of funds, we must say “NO Mas”. Sadly, as with this latest spectacle of a presidential (rigged  horserace, we are not heading in the direction of a Banana Republic… WE ARE One!!

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Philip A Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. A graduate of Brooklyn College ( class of '74 with a BA in Speech & Theater), he is a free lance columnist posted on World News Trust, Nation of Change Blog, Op Ed News,, The Intrepid Report, Information Clearing House, Dandelion Salad, Activist Post, Dissident Voice, Counterpunch and many other sites worldwide. Philip works as an environmental products sales rep and has been a street corner protest activist leader and Green Party member since 2000. In 2010 he became a local spokesperson for the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military spending 25%. Philip can be reached at

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