Pampered by the Paleo French Cuisine

Pampered by the Paleo French Cuisine | Paleo-199x300 | General Health Chef Braux, you have done it again! I have stepped out into the world of fully understanding the paleo diet. Not only is paleo cooking nothing to be afraid of, these incredible dishes are healthier, tastier and (so far) kid-friendly!

What you have done here, Chef Braux, is turn an opportunity to share delectable food into an educational experience that will ultimately encourage generations of people to become healthier and happier.

One of my new favorite recipes is the Salade aux Epinards avec Figues et Noix – Figs, Walnuts and Spinach Salad. With fresh lettuce greens right out of my garden this salad is just heavenly.

The Pizza Paleo Fait Maison – Homemade Paleo Pizza received a thumbs up from my 13-year-old, who is gluten-free. His comment, “This doesn’t taste like we just made it.” Translation: It’s better than any other home-made attempt!

Now, as a rule, my 11-year-old is pretty easy to feed… as long as there is nothing green (green beans accepted), nothing too spicy and nothing too “weird”. Pork tenderloins are one of his favorite dinners so I was pleasantly surprised to see a pork tenderloin recipe. Fortunately, this recipe: Sauté de Porc aux Pruneaux et Marrons – Pork Tenderloin with Prunes and Chestnuts proved to add a healthy twist with added unusual flavors. He was impressed and added, “This really wasn’t weird at all like I thought it was going to be. I even liked the prunes – but don’t tell my friends.” *By-the-way, we used macadamia nuts instead of chestnuts.

As a coconut lover, I have to give ten stars for these spectacular treats; Pots de Cocos aux Framboises. Coconut Raspberry Pots; Crème au Chocolate Gourmet – Gourmet Chocolate Pudding and Rochers a la Noix de Coco et Amandes – Coconut Almond Rocks.

This book, Paleo French Cuisine, deserves to be in every kitchen! Each and every eater, picky or adventurous, will find not only educational support to lead them to a healthier life; they will also find a literal gold mine of food tips and recipes that they will want to share with everyone they know!

Pick up Paleo French Cuisine and grab a few extra copies to give to every loved one who deserve a tastier, healthier life!

This book is beyond yummy and I am very grateful to you, Chef Alain Braux, for another outstanding contribution to the world of healthy eating!

Rhonda Spellman is an award winning author, professional speaker, autism advocate and coach. A published author at 17, she has since worked in many areas of the writing / publishing / media field. When a form of autism took her son’s voice in 2001 and threatened to take his ability to live a normal life, she began to search for better answers. Rhonda self-published her first children’s book – an EVVY award winner, in 2003, a short two months before her first son was diagnosed with autism. Her second book, based on small emperor penguin who gives children a message, “You don’t have to BE big to DO big things” was picked up by a major publisher in 2008. Rhonda’s third book, “The Journey Home from Autism“, is based on over 7,000 logged hours of research was released on January 1, 2010. It has won a 1st place INDIE Excellence award and an EVVY award. In January, 2013, she published her 10-year-old son’s first book, “Asperger’s Rhymes with Bass Burgers“. Her programs for children and adults, her website and her column “Beyond the Spectrum” are designed to educate and enrich life ~ in all of our many shapes, colors and forms. Her online sites include:,,,, She can be reached at – See more at:

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