“Panama Papers” Bias of America’s Enemies (VIDEO)

“Panama Papers” Bias of America's Enemies (VIDEO) | Panama-Papers-460x218 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Government Government Corruption Multimedia Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News

As usual, the “mainstream media” fails to mention the most important and relevant facts about their “major” news stories. In the case of the “Panama Papers”, which selectively brought to light various Panamanian bank accounts of some of the world’s “Rich and Powerful”, did they bother to tell the public who instigated and financed this alleged “leak” of information that discredits these selective powerful people?

Of course not!

 “Panama Papers” Bias of America's Enemies (VIDEO) | Soros-460x53 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Government Government Corruption Multimedia Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News

Only a modicum of research shows that the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” and their “Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project”, which released the “Panama Papers”, are openly funded by New World Order champion George Soros’ “Open Society Foundations”, which in turn receives funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation, all of whom are gigantic American corporations which are estimated to collectively have TEN TRILLION Dollars in offshore accounts, yet they are NEVER mentioned a single time by these alleged “investigative journalists”, only their enemies with mere billions in offshore accounts were.

“Panama Papers” Bias of America's Enemies (VIDEO) | Putin-344x300 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Government Government Corruption Multimedia Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News

The only ones targeted by the “leaks” of the “Panama Papers” are well known enemies of the United States establishment and their Trillion Dollar Banking Institutions. Russian president Vladimir Putin’s picture is seen in every single mainstream news story about the Panamanian documents, even though, if you fully read an in-depth article regarding the information, the writer’s eventually admit that Putin was not one of the people implicated in the Panamanian documents, only a few people who knew him were. Nevertheless, Putin’s picture is prominently displayed along with a story in which he is never actually mentioned as a guilty party. Why on earth would real journalists do such a thing? They would not! Thusly, this “leaked” information was not orchestrated by real journalists, rather by governments, corporations, and individuals, who are targeting their enemies.

Russia has had a legal ban on the unscrupulous banking activities of George Soros and his Rothschild banking companions for several years now, so it is no surprise that they are griping that they cannot get their hands on more of the world’s wealth in Russia. Soros has gone on the record saying:

“Putin is no ally of the United States and intends to gain considerable economic benefits from dividing Europe.”

In other words, Soros’, Rockefeller’s, and Carnegie’s “Open Society Foundations”, which funded and released the “Panama Papers”, in cooperation with US intelligence agencies, in a desperate attempt to discredit their financial enemies with information that they themselves are ten times more guilty of, want the money that Russia has gained, and they have lost, by Russia supporting the independence of individual nations in Europe, rather than submitting to the “European Union”, which Soros and his banking contemporaries specifically created to financially profit from. The corrupt bankers have simply been outbid in legitimate business deals by Russia and are throwing a temper tantrum through the “Panama Papers” because of it.

In an attempt to distance the “anonymous” leaks away from those who perpetrated them in the United States, the information was released through a German newspaper by the name of “Suddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ). Not only is Germany America’s Number One ally in continental Europe, only the tiniest amount of investigation, which their 400 “investigative journalists” failed to uncover in a full year, also reveals the following:

“Panama Papers” Bias of America's Enemies (VIDEO) | SZ-1-460x67 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Government Government Corruption Multimedia Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News

Pretty simple, huh?

Who is behind the “Suddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ) Newspaper?

The United States Military . . . aka . . . the CIA.

Famous Washington Post “Watergate” reporter Carl Bernstein wrote on October 20, 1977, nearly forty years ago, the below comment about the CIA’s rampant involvement in the mainstream media:

“More than 400 American ‘journalists’ (that we know of) have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters. In many instances, CIA documents show that ‘journalists’ were contracted to perform covert missions for the CIA with the consent of the managers of America’s leading news organizations. Among the executives (that we know of) who lent their cooperation to the CIA, were the heads of Time Magazine, Newsweek, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Associate Press, United Press International, and Reuters.

I think that just about covers everyone.

The question is, do you think the CIA has become more, or less, involved in the mainstream media between 1977 and now? (That is what I think too.) So much for the “credibility” of the alleged 400 “journalists” that worked on the “Panama Papers”.

Who exactly were targeted by the “Panama Papers” . . .?

Iceland’s prime minister, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, who when the United States government rewarded the corruption and mismanagement of the public’s money in the 2008 banking collapse by giving the very bankers who caused it an additional trillion dollars from the very taxpayer’s from whom they had just stolen such an amount, hundreds of millions of dollars of which the bank executives personally gave back to themselves individually as “executive bonuses”, Iceland’s leadership, instead, threw the very same 2008 corrupt bankers in their country in prison.

Iceland was the only country in the world which did this!

“Panama Papers” Bias of America's Enemies (VIDEO) | Iceland-News-1-1-460x68 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Government Government Corruption Multimedia Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News

“Panama Papers” Bias of America's Enemies (VIDEO) | Iceland-News-2-2-460x52 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Government Government Corruption Multimedia Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News

Even the Huffington Post took note of this in the above headline, wondering why the rest of the word’s leading countries did not have the same integrity as tiny Iceland, choosing instead, to reward rampant corruption in their countries by giving the very thieves, who just stole from the public, even more of the public’s hard earned money! This is concrete proof that thieves run the Unites States government, and whenever someone arrests their brethren thieves in other countries, they are targeted by the same corrupt entities.

Iceland has always been the Number One country in all of Europe in regard to individual freedom, lack of submission to outside pressure from the European Union and other foreign entities like the United States government, as well as having such a flourishing national economy that it does not sink when the rest of the world is in financial trouble, simply because it was the corruption that they rooted out which caused the economic ruin in the first place!

What a surprise that the bankers and their Elite bedfellows like Soros, Rockefeller, and Carnegie, along with their counterparts in the US government, not only funded, yet instigated, the “Panama Papers” out of their hatred for countries like Iceland and Russia, which treat them like the criminals they really are.

“Panama Papers” Bias of America's Enemies (VIDEO) | US-Aid-460x178 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Government Government Corruption Multimedia Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News

Additional funding of the “Panama Papers” came from “US Aid”. The New York Times reported this about “US Aid” on December 16, 2014:

“U.S.A.I.D. was created in 1961 to help the United States win the hearts and minds of citizens in poor countries through civic action, economic aid, and humanitarian assistance. As a cold war policy tool, the agency was at times used as a front for C.I.A. operations and operatives. Among the most infamous examples was the Office of Public Safety, a U.S.A.I.D. police training program in the Southern Cone, that also trained torturers.”

If this weren’t enough, the “Panama Papers” are were also funded by (you’ll really get a kick out of this) “The Center for Public Integrity”, located at 910 17th Street NW in Washington D.C., walking distance to the White House! (Another well-known organization for “Public Integrity”.)

Are people still so easily fooled?

Presidents have repeatedly said for decades, “We really have to do something about theses tax loopholes and tax dodgers”, and then do absolutely nothing about it, so as to temporarily appease the tickling ear of the tax burdened citizen, and yet then hypnotize their complacent mind into continual, decades long, forgetfulness, so that the government’s corporate friends, who help them attain and stay in office, can always have their way with the very same tax loopholes, which are not available to the ordinary citizen. Proof of this is the fact that the average American citizen’s tax rate, who makes $45,000 a year, is a third of their income, while corporate elites, such as presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s tax rate, who makes $22 Million Dollars a year, is only half as much! . . . And guess who needs the money more, a family of four living on the remaining $30,000 a year, or a family of four living on the remaining $19 Million Dollars a year?

Why does the American citizenry put up with this?

They are told theirs is a “Government Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, yet it is so obvious to everyone, except themselves, that it is really a “Government Of the Corporations, By the Corporations, and for the corporations.”

How many hundreds of times have we heard from politicians since the 1970’s that the United States would have a balanced budget, over and over again, each and every election, and it never, ever happens!!! When will the American public wake up to the fact that what a politician says and what a politician does are the exact opposite of one another!

How many more times are we willing to be fooled . . .

. . . in the very same way?

The “Patriot Act”, for example, was one of the most un-patriotic laws ever passed, simply woven into a foolhardy double-speak title of being “Patriotic”, so that if you opposed it, you could be labeled “un-patriotic”, when it fact, it was un-patriotic to support it! The same is true with the “Center for Public Integrity”, which has no integrity whatsoever, and the “US Aid” organization claiming it’s actions are “from the American people” when they are not from them, rather from the CIA. What a joke! So are these alleged “investigative journalists” who never stop to ask the most fundamental and rudimentary question of the motives behind the “anonymous” source of the “Panama Papers” to begin with! After all, the information was just used to topple a world leader! (Hello! Anyone there!) Additionally, these alleged “independent journalists” never report the blatant fact that the people funding their “work” (propaganda) are ten times more guilty of hiding money offshore than those their articles accuse!

Where are the American bankers and corporations listed in the “Panama Papers”? Are there no intelligent tax dodgers in America other than Tina Turner? (The “biggest” American name mentioned in their so-called “reports”.) It is one thing to say that you have two and a half terabytes of condemning data about world leaders, yet when you only release about one millionth of one percent of it, how can we really believe you?

Why not post all of the information, if you really have it and are genuinely “independent”?

What about writing a story regarding . . .

The fact that the US’s biggest corporations, Apple, Exxon, GE, IMB, have over three trillion dollars in off shore accounts?

What about writing a story regarding . . .

The forty-three billion dollars of US taxpayers money given to “Evergreen Solar” for the advancement of their US business, who then after receiving the money, fired all of their American employees and moved their operations to China!?

What about writing a story regarding . . .

The fact that theses “Tax Dodgers” in the “Panama Papers” did nothing whatsoever illegal and thereby proposing an immediate change to the law so that their actions will be illegal tomorrow? (Or would that hurt too many of the government’s corporate and banking friends?)

What about writing a story regarding . . .

A world leader, Iceland’s prime minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, being overthrown from his office directly by the CIA through “leaking” these documents of completely legal activities?

As usual, I must say again . . .


Turn off your television, throw away your magazines and newspapers, and go online to “Alternative Media” to discover the truth.

I have no doubt, that when enough people do this, some US orchestrated “terrorist” attack will take down the internet so as to force everyone back to the television and radio media which they so completely control, likely to be done just before the next global tragedy, which they too will likely instigate, for the very purpose of controlling the masses they are losing to Alternative Media’s Truth.

You better enjoy it while you can.

It may not be here much longer.

In this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News I will discuss this very topic.

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Brother Bart-


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