Peace Not an Option for Washington

Peace Not an Option for Washington | war-is-peace-dove | Trump US News War Propaganda

For Republican and Democrat administrations alike, peace is abhorrent – notably since the neoliberal 90s, especially post-9/11.

Enemies don’t exist so they’re invented, Washington’s geopolitical strategy to justify unjustifiable naked aggression – unaccountable high crimes against peace in all instances.

When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, Muslims replaced communists as America’s enemy of choice. Except for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Balkan wars and rape of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, all US wars were and continue to be waged against predominantly Muslim countries.

Endless wars are waged against one country after another, sovereign independent ones – either directly, through proxies or both ways like now against multiple countries.

Nothing in prospect suggests Trump changing longstanding US policy, America’s latest warrior president – held hostage by dark forces controlling him, neocons infesting his administration, including hawkish generals in charge of warmaking.

The hoped for anti-Hillary wasn’t to be under Trump. His finger on the nuclear trigger should terrify everyone. Appointing a general nicknamed “mad dog” as defense secretary produced the expected result.

His near-psychopathic rage against Iran and North Korea risks unthinkable war against either or both countries. His provocations against China in its part of the world where America doesn’t belong risks confrontation between two nuclear powers.

His cordial meeting with Putin on the G20 sidelines in Hamburg, Germany changed nothing in longstanding US hostility toward Russia.

Confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers seems almost inevitable eventually. Irreconcilable differences separate their worldviews.

Good faith Russian efforts won’t ever resolve them as long as neocons are in charge of US geopolitics – cheerled by deplorable media scoundrels, agents of America’s deep state, serving them at the expense of world peace, stability and security.

Trump saying “(n)ow is the time to move forward in working constructively with Russia” was meaningless rhetoric. Durable positive follow-up won’t happen.

It’s just a matter of time before bilateral friction erupts like many earlier times – US/Russia 2009 reset the latest example.

Periods of constructive engagement foundered on the rocks of longstanding US hostility toward Russia for the last century.

As long as it’s free from US control, it’s considered an implacable enemy. Neocons infesting Washington call it the nation’s leading threat – for its sovereign independence, opposition to imperial wars, and ability to challenge America’s rage for world dominance, no other reasons.

How long will it be, and what’ll it take, for another Russia/US Syria ceasefire to prove illusory – like all others during over six years of war, American aggression against a sovereign independent country threatening no one!

Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Ukraine and Palestine, it’s victimized by the Anglo/Zionist curse, not about to soften.

Washington wants regime change in Syria, an imperial aim under Obama and Trump – not about to change by talks with Putin, no matter now cordial. It’s naive to believe otherwise.

False flags are a longstanding US tradition since the 19th century – 9/11 the mother of them all.

All CW attacks in Syria are further examples of how Washington operates, blaming victims for its high crimes, carried out directly or through proxies.

Another significant false flag CW attack wrongfully blamed on Assad seems inevitable – likely to be used as a pretext for ending the latest ceasefire.

An attack by US-led so-called coalition warplanes on Syrian forces will shatter it, things returning to square one, endless war continuing, Russia’s good faith efforts again proving for naught.

It’s just a matter of time the way it’s been throughout years of war – in Syria and other US war theaters, endless conflicts with no prospects for resolving them.

America’s military/industrial/scoundrel media complex demands things this way – peace and stability considered anathema prospects.

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