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The village of Avia Terai in Argentina is surrounded by GMO soy crops.

Here, children are born with birth defects and degenerative diseases of unknown origin. One little girl has large brownish-black spots all over her face and body—marks she’s had since birth. Another is slowly wasting away from an undiagnosed degenerative disease thought to be genetic, aggravated by exposure to herbicides. Many of the children are deformed in one way or another. Many of the elders are dying from cancer.

When the people in Avia Terai hear a tractor, they lock themselves inside their homes. They never know if the tractor is spraying water, to irrigate the fields, or Monsanto’s Roundup.

But this much they know: Roundup is making them sick, and those responsible keep spraying it—even though, as one mother said, “People must know” that they are poisoning this village, and the people who live here.

“Transgenic Wars” is an award-winning film by French journalist Paul Moreira. The film looks at the effects of GMO crops on livestock and human health, in Europe and Argentina. Through September 30, you can watch the entire film without purchasing it by clicking here.

On October 15, Maria Liz Robledo, one of Monsanto’s victims in Argentina, and Damian Verzenassi, a public health doctor in Argentina, will tell the world how Argentinians have suffered from Monsanto’s Roundup. They are among the witnesses and experts who will testify before a panel of international judges at the International Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.

Please endorse the Monsanto Tribunal.

Read the article and watch ‘Transgenic Wars’

h/t: Organic Consumers Association

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