Perfect Foods For Summer Detox

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | lemon-detox-drink | General Health Toxins

Having a good detox is part of what the modern man considers a step on the road to staying healthy. For people interested in using detox as an alternative medicine tool here is a combination of foods and practices that will allow a perfect body cleanse with realistic health benefits.

Foods to Detox for a Better Health


Lemons, pomegranate, apples, avocado and blueberries are the best fruits to use for detox during summer.

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | Pomegranates | General Health Toxins

Pomegranates are known for being rich in antioxidants and help against DNA related health problems.

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | Lemons | General Health Toxins

Lemons are able to help the alkaline-acid balance of the body be restored making easy to flush food and environmental toxins.

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | Apples-and-avocado | General Health Toxins

Apples are rich in fibers making easy a colon cleanse while avocado helps the cleansing of the gallbladder and by this the liver detox.

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | Blueberries | General Health Toxins

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and help a mild blood detox while protecting against free radicals.


Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | Cruciferous-vegetables | General Health Toxins

Cruciferous vegetables ( arugula, kale, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower) are known for the detoxifying properties. They contain sulforaphane and other substances able to regulate liver and kidney function and help flush toxins.

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | wheat-juice | General Health Toxins

Beet juice, parsley and wheat juice are known elements of a cleansing diet. They are rich in betaine respectively chlorophyll which have anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.

Seeds, Spices and Tea

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | Flaxseeds | General Health Toxins

Flaxseeds are part of the detox diet. They are able to regulate the insulin production and clean sugar from the blood as well as reducing blood cholesterol.

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | Ginger | General Health Toxins

Ginger is known to improve digestion and it is a great help during detox because it helps the fibers clean the colon more efficiently.

Perfect Foods For Summer Detox | green-tea | General Health Toxins

The water intake is crucial during detox but green tea consumption helps even more.

Detox Practices to Clean the Body

Detox baths are perfect for inner and outer cleansing. Soaking in sea salt baths helps with detoxing and prevent health issues like asthma, frequent colds and other respiratory problems.

Steam sauna is also extremely helpful during detox. The capillaries dilate because of the steam and help the blood flush toxins more easily. Aromatherapy with rosemary oil is perfect for detox sauna therapy.

Infrared light helps the body eliminated lead, cadmium and other health damaging metals. Exposing the body to infrared light helps the detox process by improving circulation and making blood cleansing easier.

Ayurveda practices and acupuncture are also part of an effective detox. However make sure you ask a specialist before undergoing them.



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