Pine Needle Uses And Health Benefits (VIDEO)

Pine Needle Uses And Health Benefits (VIDEO) | Korea_Pine_Tree-300x199 | Medical & Health Multimedia Natural Health Natural Medicine

VIDEO: How to Make Pine Needle Tea, Recipe

One way to Prepare

Chop needles into smaller pieces. Bruise or smash the needles to let some of the essential oils out when the hot water hits it.

Benefits Confirmed by Scientific Studies

Pine needles are high in Vitamin C and other antioxidants. Water extracts from pine needles protect DNA from damage, according to one study. The study made the bold claim that pine needle extract “possesses a spectrum of antioxidant and DNA-protective properties common to cancer chemopreventive agents.”

Source:  2009 study from the College of Natural Science in South Korea.

Pine needle oil slows down the growth of liver cancer and promotes the death of the cancer cells.

Source:  2008 study from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China.

Pine oil reduced cholesterol, normalized blood pressure, and decreased surplus bodyweight.

Source:  2006 Russian article by Vopr Pitan.

Pine contains resveratrol, known as an anti-aging compound.  Other plant sources of resveratrol include grapes, peanuts, and Japanese knotweed.

Source:  Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao. 2008.

Exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties due to pinosylvin, a constituent of pine, even more powerful than resveratrol.  Pine has resveratrol and pinosylvin?  Seems too good to be true, but I’ll take it.

Source:  2005, College of Pharmacy, Ewha Womans University, South Korea.

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