Pizza Nuke By Christmas? Soros Bomb Ticking! Pizzagate Hoax To Kill Free Speech? (VIDEO)

Pizza Nuke By Christmas? Soros Bomb Ticking! Pizzagate Hoax To Kill Free Speech? (VIDEO) | facebook-pizzagate-soros-free-speech | False Flags Free Speech Internet Censorship Multimedia Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Exactly how and when will Pizzagate explode — killing your free speech? When will Soros stage a Pizzagate ‘tragedy’ to destroy your first amendment rights?

While public outrage peaks — about molestation at Comet Ping Pong — George Soros and CIA must destroy free speech before your emotion dissipates and folks realize they’re getting robbed again.

Here, we explore the George Soros ‘grand finale’ to Pizzagate, and narrow down his false flag target date to a 2-week window.

Why is Soros in a hurry? Because emotion (and top trending stories) dissipate quickly. Folks cannot think clearly while they are emotional. Trauma-based programming (shock and awe) stuns you long enough to steal your doctor, grab your guns, and kill free speech.

Watch to learn how and when Soros will kill free speech — pulling off the biggest heist in history.

Note: whether Pizzagate perverts are real or fake, soros doesn’t care. Right now we’re in ‘pizza panic’ over two d.c. pizza joints full of perverts (Comet and Besta Pizza). How can this hysteria be used to end free speech — on a shoestring budget?

Is James Alefantis guilty of anything, or just another crisis actor character in cia’s latest psychological operation (hoax)?

Also, the Wikileaks email scandal might be totally real. John Podesta might be a devil worshipping pervert who molests people as part of a government child trafficking ring. But even if Hillary Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein are spirit cooking perverts, these two pizza shops could be used as pawns to censor you and punish so-called ‘fake news.’

Will globalists tag you as ‘fake news,’ blame you for a fake vigilante assault on a perverted pizza joint, then delete your blog ‘to prevent the next massacre?’

Watch to learn how Pizzagate might be a trap to destroy the alt media and restore the mainstream media monopoly controlled by blackmailed sex criminal globalists.

Barry Soetoro

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