The Planned Institutionalization Of Kidnapping

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Many of us have childhood memories of things we did when we were children. We have both good and bad memories of things we wish we’d never done. Perhaps you got in trouble at school, engaged in a fist fight, or broke something. But what if you were held legally responsible for every childhood error you ever made? How difficult of a life that would be? For many of us, as we grew older we learned that kids make mistakes and mistakes are part of the growing up and learning process.

As children, many of us had parents or a guardian that enforced some level of rules and demanded certain responsibilities of us. Perhaps we looked up to someone as a parent, guardian, or a mentor. But what if everything our parents, guardians, or mentors did in the privacy of home was legally monitored by big government?

We later observed that these childhood experiences made us who we are today. But what if a personal, family, and home life learning experience is no longer legal? What if your life was being scripted for you so that you no longer enjoy the natural surroundings of a family home life?

Most Americans even today have appreciated a home life that is distinct from their work, school or other aspects of your life; a place that offers a sense of security, familiarity, comfort and above all a sense of privacy from the outside world. This sense of privacy and sense of safety from the outside world is a safety net that every animal on the planet seems to need. Home is your place of dwelling, wherever it is. In fact one dictionary definition of ‘home’ reads: ‘a place in which one’s domestic affections are centered’. Having and maintaining a home is part of our fundamental survival. It also provides humans with a sense of orientation and reference. For this reason we are careful who we invite into our home, and conversely we are more likely to invite only those we trust and care about. But what if government invited themselves into your private home to enforce rules on you at home to control and monitor home activity?

Reflecting back again on your earlier years and glancing back at all the mistakes you made, you may consider how each childhood mistake taught you a lesson in life. You may be thinking about what advice you would have for those who face similar situations. But what if all those memories were replaced by a lifetime of being watched by government instead. A government whose job it is to document home incidences, and use them in a future analysis to determined your ‘home grade’.

As the years have passed, you may have realized the importance of a strong family/home network in personal mental, emotional, and spiritual development. Perhaps if you were raised in a conservative environment or if you had more liberal yet conscientious, spiritual and respectful parents you may have been taught Honor and respect your parent’. You probably thought as a kid, why not? After all, your parents brought you into this world, isn’t that worth some kind of resect? This all seemed to make sense then.

That was then however, this is now. Enter our current system; a system in which the concept of parents is slowly being phased out. The parental position is being portrayed as a position that, though you may occupy it now, like a job or a license however, government is planning on ‘removing’ the position from the parents … by taking away their children that is. If parents fall into a category deemed appropriate for parent-child separation, government plans on using this as a tool to ‘remove’ your children. There are many individuals working toward a global agenda who want to replace parents as the primary guardian of children and they want to replace them with government. Yes government as the primary determinant of the child’s welfare. What we are seeing is the dark shadow of tyranny rising in slow motion on America. We are all now seeing systematically and methodically, exactly how and what tyranny and fascism is really all about. The war against parents and children is just beginning to warm up.

In the country which has promoted freedom, the American way, the American dream, and the land of opportunity for so long; the same country who mastered the art of self-promotion and self-righteousness is now having to face the harsh reality that we are now clearly staring down the barrel of tyranny and fascism. The empire is employing a Red Dawn scenario on the unaware. On the surface the perpetrators lie and tell you they come in peace. On paper however they are moving as fast as they can to control every form of human activity. First they came to break the family, next they will come to take the family. Amongst the many agendas there is now a focused effort by our government to legalize kidnapping of our kids by creating a plethora of backdoors to quietly create government records, documentations, recommendations and applicable penalties of your day to day parent to child home activities. Even though we know what it takes to thrive as a human being, big government is working overtime to put out the flames of freedom, stifle the focus and self-advancement that thriving consists of, and instead control all human behavior.

The tools being used? Redefining what constitutes neglect, a complete undermining of all parental rights and a complete takeover by government of your ‘home sweet home’ private life.  Federal agencies like Health and Human Services (HHS), and Child Protection Services (CPS) are working together to formulate things like the ‘official’ definitions of ‘neglect’, what constitutes a child being at ‘high risk’, and what requires government ‘intervention’. I had to read this MANUAL for myself after coming across other articles on the topic. To truly understand what this takeover is all about one must consider things like the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), Agenda 21, the climate religion, forced vaccinations, GMO’s, depopulation, ‘sustainable’ cities, gun control, the militarization of police, DHS bullet buying madness, and many more things including the enormous amount of legislation in just the last few years collectively designed to take away all of your rights; you couldn’t script this any more predictable and one sided.

Additionally agencies like the FBI are promoting the terrorizing of internet downloading. This is an obvious attempt to not only censor the internet but to treat 12 year old little Johnny in Somewhere USA as a ‘terrorist’ for downloading content on the internet without permission.  This act alone may offer multiple avenues by which government can come pick up (or remove, kidnap, transfer, gain custody of etc.) little Johnny for various reasons including ‘terrorism’, ‘neglect’, or other reason which may require “intervention” from a federal agency. This intervention will require a ‘decision’ to be made by a ‘professional’ who will use the HHS/CPS ‘manual’ as a ‘guideline’. You get the picture.

With the global government agenda in full swing, it is very important for every single American to realize the legislations that are being passed at super highway speed. These lightning speed legislations are for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to give big government complete unchallenged power over all human activity.

Let’s remember that those committed to the global government plans are determined to see this nightmare through. History unfortunately has proven repeatedly that the only possible end result of big unchallenged tyrannical governments is death and destruction.

What we are seeing is the implementation of Agenda 21 and U.N. global government control plans over humanity in real time. This is not about America or about freedom and it certainly is not about thriving. Let us thrive and come above the lies. Let’s reach as high as we can to be the amazing living beings we were meant to be. We may not know all that we were meant to be, but we know what we were not. We were not meant to be mindless slaves who live in fear hoping a collectivist governmental system will keep us alive in their own controlled and engineered manner.

Big government is clearly knocking on the door of your personal life, will you let them in? What will it take for more people to wake up? Will it really take a season or an era of missing and disappeared children? Will it take big government coming to arrest mom or dad over something that happens at home? Is this what Obama’s promise for an army of civilians bigger than our military is all about? Who are these children who will serve in Obama’s army? The signs are all around us and there is no time to wait. For America end times are here. The time is now to expose these slow moving but progressing agendas. Get active and take a stand for freedom before it’s too late.

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About The Author

Bernie Suarez is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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    • Barbara Kennedy

      We constantly see how depressed nations are that live in these types of societies. They never work, and the people rise up in revolt. The only ones who push for this type of government are those who think they will have all the power, and those they brainwash with the lies of how the government will take care of them. We have already seen how well Obama has fulfilled the few promises he’s made thus far, and they’ve been easy compared to the type of society he is proposing. No government agency is going to love you as a close friend or relative will. They have no passion for it.
      I am the mother of 5 wonderful young adults. When my youngest was in kindergarten I noticed he was still having trouble pronouncing a few of his letters. My older four entered school knowing their ABCs; how to recognize them and how to write them. How to spell their names. They knew all of their basic colors, and our home address and telephone number. We would “play school” and other fun games that would teach them skills that they needed such as how to politely and properly answer the telephone, and what to do when they found themselves in certain situations out in public, etc. All of the older four loved playing these games, but my youngest did not, and I tried coaxing him, but did not want to force him. I did not want him to hate learning or have any negative feelings toward learning before he ever started school, so I would try but I would stop when he would resist. When my youngest started school he did not have the start my others’ had. On top of that, he had a very late birthday so he was the youngest in his class.
      So I tried working with him on his pronunciations, but again, he resisted me. I’m always a bit leery when it comes to involving any ‘school experts’ but went ahead and requested one work with my son. I did not want the problem continuing on so that by the time he were a few years older, he would be old enough to be teased. Even though I started requesting this help while my son was a kindergartener, and continued following through, he did not receive any help until the second grade! Which is what I was trying to avoid. By second grade the kids were getting old enough for the problem to become noticeable. Luckily for him, it never was noticed before it cleared itself up.
      When we met with the ‘expert’, the one request I made of her, and I stressed this of her, was that my son was NOT to miss any recess time for this. He was not to be made to feel as if it were a punishment. He already felt a little resentful. He needed to see that it was going to be fine. It was a good thing. So she assured me that the help would only take place during class.
      Only about a week or two into my son’s speech therapy with this ‘expert’, he came home telling me that he was missing his recesses for it, and always missed his recess for it. As well as the missed recesses, he showed me a work sheet he had to fill out for this ‘expert’. The work sheet was all about what went on in our home. Basically a spy sheet. And he said they hadn’t ever worked on speech yet. The sheet asked my son if his parents had him do any chores at home, and if so, what type of chores did he have to do. It also asked if he was disciplined, what types of things did he get disciplined for, and in what ways would we discipline him. I smiled and informed my son that he didn’t have to worry about ever missing recess again because he would never be going back to speech therapy again. The next day, I took my son’s work sheet to his school (which I volunteered at a lot, and my children were top students at and at which they were always winning awards), and explained to them that my son was already being pulled from speech therapy. I told them I was disappointed it took almost two years from my first request for them to finally make the arrangements, that the one request I had and I stressed, was for him not to miss recess and the therapist promised he would not, but he tells me he had, every single time. And now this work sheet asking questions that are no one’s business, meant to analysis us as parents and figure out what we are doing so terribly wrong that it is causing our little boy such trauma that he is pronouncing his r’s like au’s instead? What a bunch of baloney! I knew it and yet I went a head and gave them my trust anyway. Why? And then I left.
      More recently, and not having to do with schools, but still having to do with government wanting to get into our business…my husband and I had solar panels installed. A long process. Because the government has gotten involved. And they give out rebates. I do online surveys and one of them recently had to do with “green products” and if you used certain government approved contractors and you would get a huge rebate, would you then be inclined to use one of the government contractors from their list? Luckily instead of the typical ‘pick A, B, or C, answer choices, they gave me a text box to express myself freely. And I did. I told them that I resented them thinking that the public is so stupid that we don’t understand that first they are taking that rebate money from us, each one of us, in the form of higher taxes. So they aren’t ‘giving’ us anything. There is no money tree, although the liberals would like us to believe there is. And, whenever there is ‘a list’, the people on the list have an unfair advantage, and they feel entitled and they do a sloppy job because they feel they don’t have to work hard. This sets our society up to be exactly what our forefathers fought to separate us from, a system of kings and royals. Privileged people who thought they were better by birthright, not by hard work or of their own accord. We don’t want that!
      So, years ago I was a Realtor. The National Association of Realtors during that time, fought hard, using our dues, and we won, to keep the liberals from enacting a law that would have forced all citizens nation wide to replace every window in their home upon selling it, to a new, double paned, “green type, energy efficient’ window. It would have cost every home seller thousands of dollars and made someone’s buddy a lot of money. My last home, and the home I am in now have these energy efficient, double paned windows, and they leak and need replaced. They are expensive and yet, they don’t work. They are flawed! What a joke it would have been.
      So back to the solar panels. This was our decision of our own will. We like the idea. But we don’t like the government involvement. We had no idea. The next thing we knew we’re having an ‘energy audit” done on our home. Then, we were asked to fill out a home audit. The audit asked how many TVs we have, how many toilets. How many people live here. I looked at it and thought, “what the heck does this have to do with solar panels?” so I drew lines through all the questions I objected to, like toilets, TVs and how many people, and told the solar panel company that I was sorry but I refused to answer these type questions. They told me they were 100% fine with that. They had no idea why it needed answered and thought it was no ones business as well. The next thing we knew we received a $500 rebate check (aka taxpayer money). Did you all know you’re paying toward my solar panels? I didn’t even pay a dime for them, yet I got paid. We are paying a small amount per kilowatt used for the next 20 years, at the same rate, never to go up. instead of paying for the panels.
      So, since there is a fail safe clause in the constitution, and since our forefathers were smart enough to foresee this day and to know that power corrupts, and since WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and those on the hill are just our representative voices (do we all remember that? And are they still representing our voices?) Why aren’t we doing something about all of this? They are few in number, very few. The military is sworn to protect the constitution, we want to protect the constitution, he doesn’t even know what our constitution is as he is trampling all over it. Let us stand together, no violence, I’m not talking about violence. We are so strong, we are so right, we do not need violence any way. There is no need. It’s all a matter of logic. It should never have gotten this far. If only someone with common sense would have stood up long before this and said “stop the madness”, but everyone was trying to be too polite. Everyone sat back and let the liberal media bully us while they whined about bullying and we all feared to be called bullies. They all attacked us with bigotry against our religion and stood there holding up the race card and we coward not ever wanting to be called a racist. So no one wanted to be the first to step up. This is how they tamed us. This is how they used hypocrisy to force us back and hold us back. This is how the few have pushed back the masses into a small corner and have kept us there. It’s time for us to speak the obvious. The emperors’ new clothes are a scam, The emperor is naked.