Police Chase and Kill 3 Dogs in Marijuana Raid: “Like Shooting Deer”

Police Chase and Kill 3 Dogs in Marijuana Raid: "Like Shooting Deer"  | shutterstock_56280433 | News Articles Tyranny & Police State US News He screamed, shouted and cried out: don’t hurt my dogs. But Detroit police didn’t listen, and now three dogs are dead.

During a mid-October marijuana raid on Detroit resident James Woods, police fatally shot three of Woods’ dogs, according to a report in the Motor City Muckraker. The raid is the latest example of the destructive impact the U.S. war on marijuana has on people’s lives.

The first shot came from a 12-gauge shotgun directed at Woods’ young pitbull, Tank. Witnesses say that the young pitbull was shot in the face despite being “confined to a locked fence outside and unable to harm anyone,” according to the publication.

Witnesses report that the other two dogs were chased around by police and then shot as the dogs fled.

“They shot her four times as she was trying to get away,” Woods’ said, referring to his dog Janey, who the website reports was dragging “a trail of blood around the house until she finally collapsed.”

Woods was then thrown in jail for two days. His friend, Scott Kraz, “photographed the carcasses in hopes of proving that police shot the dogs from behind,” according to the Motor City Muckraker.

“From the position of the two dogs inside the building, they were running away from the door, away from the police,” Kraz told the publication.

After two days in jail, Woods was out. But he was still angry.

“The Detroit Police Department murdered my dogs,” said Woods. “They came in like they were shooting deer.”

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