Police State Closure of DAPL Protest Camp Announced

Police State Closure of DAPL Protest Camp Announced | dapl-protest-standing-rock-north-dakota-access-pipeline | Environment Protestors & Activists Special Interests Tyranny & Police State
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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members and supporters face forced eviction from their Oceti Sakowin protest encampment site, protecting sacred ancestral land, water and wildlife habitat from destructive DAPL construction.

According to theindigenouspeoples.com, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced closure of long ago stolen Native American land, wrongfully called “federal property,” the portion north of the Cannonball River to be closed for  public use and access, effective December 5, 2016.

Protesters must leave or face arrest, likely involving police state violence like days earlier. In a letter to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe chairman Dave Archambault II, Army Corps Col. John Henderson deceitfully called the decision “necessary to protect the general public from the violent confrontation between protestors and law enforcement officials that have occurred in this area, and to prevent death, illness, or serious injury to inhabitants of encampments due to the harsh North Dakota winter conditions.”

A so-called “free speech zone” will be established south of the Cannonball River on US Army land. It’s way inadequate, Indigenous Environmental Network member Dallas Goldtooth explained. On Saturday, Archambault issued a statement, saying in part:

“Our Tribe is deeply disappointed in this decision by the United States, but our resolve to protect our water is stronger than ever.”

“We ask that all everyone who can appeal to President Obama and the Army Corps of Engineers to consider the future of our people and rescind all permits and deny the easement to cross the Missouri River just north of our Reservation and straight through our treaty lands.”

“When Dakota Access Pipeline chose this route, they did not consider our strong opposition. Our concerns were clearly articulated directly to them in a meeting on Sept. 30, 2014.”

“We ask that the United States stop the pipeline and move it outside our treaty lands.”

“Although the news is saddening, it is not at all surprising given the last 500 years of the treatment of our people.”

“We have suffered much, but we still have hope that the President will act on his commitment to close the chapter of broken promises to our people and especially our children.”

In solidarity with Standing Rock protesters at the Oceti Sakowin camp site, Jane Fonda said she “rarely (ever) s(aw) so much love, gratitude, determination (and) resilience.”

According to Indian Country Today Media Network.com, hours after the eviction notice was issued, “crews (began) building dwellings meant to sustain the onslaught of a North Dakota winter.”

Years ago, I experienced its extreme cold firsthand – weather requiring careful protection from frostbite and hypothermia.

Hundreds die annually in America from exposure to harsh temperatures. Winterizing the Oceti Sakowin encampment or any other in the area is essential.

On Sunday, Sioux leaders responded to what they called a “direct and irresponsible threat to the water protectors,” saying they’re not leaving. Attempts to remove them will be met with nonviolent resistance, civil disobedience and prayer.

On December 4, around 2,000 US veterans are scheduled to arrive, offering support in solidarity.

Perhaps greater police state violence is coming than already – Standing Rock one of many US battlegrounds for justice, pitting monied interests against popular ones, deplorable results always turning out the same way.

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  • fortHistruth

    Where does one start? Oh the blind myopic and selfish self-willed tunnel-vision of the greedy monied descendants of most of that ‘manifest destiny’ dung. This was the picture. One of a romanticized glorious and justifiably ‘needful’ takeover of the western lands beyond the Appalachian Mountains, and beyond the ‘mighty Mississippi River.
    Like it or not, neither John Wayne, nor any of the assumed protagonist fellow celebrities, who promoted the same one-sided claims, could get me to side with low-down yellow dog sidewinders like the bullying ‘jock-like’ Army Corps of Engineers. Call it unpatriotic, it matters not to me. By the way, my patriotism is established and founded upon Rock of my Salvation. Upon that Rock i stand, and withstand all of the enemies’ lies. Calling it American doesn’t change it’s essence or true nature, intentions or purposes.
    A little research on the history of these tax-paid, military industrial complex, and ‘uniformed’ thugs -the Army Corps of Engineers-, will no doubt bring you to their failed debacle of what brought forth the dam near Yankton SD. Built in 1959, it soon began to reveal ‘leaks’ in the project. The town of Niobrara NE, had suffered much property damage to their long standing structures.
    Many people complained that, due to the lack of proper advanced planning, their basements became permanently flooded thereafter due to the water table in the area rising. It caused water to level off going over the ankles. This was shown on ’60 Minutes’ back in the 70’s.
    It certainly looks like the government has only become more arrogant, tyrannical, bullying and threatening. They weren’t exactly citizen-friendly to Bundy, nor to the group in Oregon. They also mercilessly murdered the people in the Davidian property, as well as a baby’s mother at Ruby Ridge ID. I agree with that assessment, based upon what Senator Sonny Bono called the mannish attorney general Janet Reno. He was ‘spot on’, ‘hitting the nail upon the head’; this before they clubbed him, then claiming a tree did it!
    I’d also NOT receive any ‘promotional support’ from ‘Hanoi Jane’, seeing she’s still not to be trusted, and may be on a ‘par’ with John Mc’Shame’ of AZ, and John ‘ketchup on the face’ Kerry’, both of the latter being dogs in their own making!
    As for ‘rubber-stamp’, puppet and politically perverted John Henderson, his bogus ‘concern’ for the wellbeing of these native ‘americans’, is about as genuine as the fake pearls that Dutchman Peter Mariat gave the natives when he stole Manhattan from them!
    If this pipeline, -which realistically and truthfully (the government could’ve done this decades ago) could’ve been routed better, is sooo important now, why wasn’t it planned better? The ‘need’ to extract and drill oil has existed long before ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon’s oil ration scare and scam of the early ’70’s. And fracking isn’t a good, let alone the best alternative. The government has known this.
    The Dakota Access Pipeline organization really doesn’t give ‘a rat’s behind’ about the natives’ concerns, have known what their doing and why their doing it, and, are greedy for the land having planned the pipeline to go right through the Oceti Sakowin land. These ‘bastards’ -or ‘candidates’ for the positions-, are fully culpable and should be driven out.
    I would to GOD, that these arrogant ‘pigs’ would unexpectedly experience something that will absolutely stop them dead in their tracks, and unavoidably and undeniably turn them back, or inside out, and upside down. They deserve no less for their prevarication, lying, stealing, deceiving and so forth. As The Lord GOD sees fit…may He “let ’em have it!!”

    • Josh Jones

      God has a special gift for these hypocrites: North Dakota winter. A third of all the crude produced in ND comes from the Fort Bert hold Indian Reservation, pumped by hard-working men and women who provide the energy required to survive in this climate. Your views reflect a profound misunderstanding of this disgraceful protest and denial of your own dependance on oil.

      • fortHistruth

        First, please see my reply to your reply to my first comment.
        Second, while i freely admit to having been born and raised in a time where the general population has become dependent upon oil, i also have determined for many years that, my dependence would be rerouted to a mode of living, fully independent of the ‘grid’ and ‘energy’ corporations.
        Fine that ‘hard working’ people work hard, but this one does NOT desire to continue in a system which promotes servitude and dependent slavery to despotic, oppressive and corrupt corporations. They don’t ‘give a rat’s stool sample’ for anyone they deem as an inconvenience or unnecessary obstruction to their goals of higher profit and control, ‘…the land and water be damned…’, that is as long as is doesn’t affect them.
        I know people who are actively working toward non reliance upon conventional

    • Josh Jones

      I fracked for seven years in North Dakota – these protesters are going to die when it gets cold. I don’t know where you live but I’m certain you have never experienced -20 Fahrenheit with a 30 MPH wind. It literally takes your breath away when you step into it and freezes exposed skin in minutes. In less time than that exposed hands become too numb to even open a car door. The shacks and tents these idiots think will shelter them will become death traps when they catch fire from the propane heaters used in vain trying to heat them, and CO will claim the lives of those that don’t freeze. The only “sacred stones” present at this camp are crack rocks, which combined with the heroin and alcohol the Sioux live on explains why they were unable to voice any opposition to this project until it was nearly complete. Without hydraulic fracturing gas would be five bucks a gallon and we would still be dependant on the folks who attacked us on 9-11. You’re welcome – please educate yourself.

      • fortHistruth

        If as you indicate, these Sioux were ‘set up’ to make the oil company look bad, then they have been ‘had’ as well as many others. I personally don’t care one whit for the ‘sacred ground’ but, any more than i would if the proposed pipeline were to have been routed through a catholic cemetery. The latter being just as heathen as the former, only under a different guise, feigning Godliness and using Biblical names to misdirect any unsuspecting ‘sheeple’.
        In any case, and regardless of the accumulated woes which American Natives have sustained, suffered and even allowed, or brought upon themselves from the days of ‘Manifest Destiny’, these people have been squandered, abused, and run over by the ‘benevolent alma mater’, called the USA.
        The case for fracking seems, at best to be doubtful and of an experimental, and not fully proved to be nearly as safe and foolproof as it has been alleged to be by the lamestream meadia.
        In addition, sir, your assertions and claims seem to assume a lot without the necessary substance. You lack proof that these Sioux are ‘cracked’, ‘crackers’ or ‘stoned’ on crack. At least you’re implying that their word has no basis, and know nothing about what they’re saying. After all, it does seem as though this has been their home, at least for far longer than your ‘seven year itch’ ‘tour of duty’, in which you did fracking.
        Also, there is the little detail of fact, which history bears out. That is that, for many centuries, these, and many other tribes lived on these plains and open areas. They didn’t have, the modern heaters, etc. Yes, they or certainly their ancestors knew ‘subzero’ and merciless winds. No, they weren’t Eskimo, or Inuit, as those farther north, but they did survive, knew survival and i dare say can manage again, even without the ‘convenience’ of post 19th century invention.
        I believe you underestimate these people and their determination. I also see that the track record of Sunoco and the other company directly involved with this operation have had more spills than some cars have had recalls.
        You sound -to me- as though this resistance is just an unnecessary inconvenience and stall against the ‘progress’ of land grabbing and pushy corporations.
        Then there are all the items from the past, -at least as far back as the 1970’s-, that available oil, easier, simpler and more efficient to ‘get at’, has been available, or at least it could be accessed less expensively.
        People in Mississippi were told to cap a well, having plenty oil reserves, being forced to ‘sit on it’. Oil has been available from Canada, Alaska and a few other non-mideastern localities, without the unproven and unstable fracking. This has caused problems in places like Oklahoma. For proof of this, i’m sure my niece and her friends could provide up-to-date info on fracking.
        Thus far, in this ‘competition’ the ‘Indians’ are still ahead, and the ‘tying run’ for the opposition is not -legitimately-, in ‘scoring position’.
        In most of the skirmishes and confrontations between the white man, and the original experts on how to live on this continent, my support would be for them.
        I cannot even rule out, nor put it past the ‘oil’ barons, to have deliberately chosen this route, as if their prior planning had not seen this as a potential threat to their interests and profit.
        Their track record is as much, if not more questionable than these Sioux, whether or not they got ‘crack’ from the same sources, dealers, cartels and etc., that the ‘official’ leaders of the white man have. Even though this may be politically incorrect to acknowledge, it is to a large degree true.

        • Josh Jones

          Interesting. I appreciate your rebuttal to my earlier rants; while it is unlikely either of us will be convinced to alter our views based on each others’ comments at least we can disagree without relying on baseless assumptioms and juvenile name calling to justify those beliefs. As I previously stated (perhaps inferred – I didn’t exactly spell it out for those who might read them) my thoughts are based on direct experience cracking rock (fracturing) 16 hours a day for five years. ( The

        • Josh Jones

          Sorry, I’m typing this with my thumbs and accidentally hit “post”. Continuing, I’m obviously quite biased on this topic because much of the “seven year itch” as you describe it was hands down the best period of my life and the viability of American oil will determine whether I can eventually return to where I belong, which is in my home (which I’m currently renting out )

        • Josh Jones

          Phone is dying, will continue comments ASAP.