Political Polarization Can Be Reduced by Social Media Networks?

Political Polarization Can Be Reduced by Social Media Networks? | social-media | News And Opinions

(SPONSORED) Politics exists since the dawn of time, one way or another. People with opposing viewpoints have been recorded throughout the world’s history – thousands of philosophers, scientists, writers, academics of any kind have been speaking their minds since forever about their stands in the affairs of their communities or countries. And that’s politics.

Politics will remain an integral part of society, but it looks like things are about to change for smoother decision making processes by two parties.

Namely, social media networks have started influencing the way two parties think and make decisions. In fact, it is expected social media to have a positive impact on political polarization.

A recent study on people’s behavior gave astonishing results on how the Republicans and Democrats’ thinking can change if they have a permission to further analyze a problem on social media. The researchers gave them a graph with data on the climate change effects on the Arctic sea ice levels and asked them to give an honest opinion on what the consequences of the climate change will be in 2025.

The participants were divided into two groups: a group of Republicans and Democrats that have access to anonymous social media networks and can discuss the graph, and a group of Republicans and Democrats that were not permitted to interact during the decision making process.

The results showed that those who communicated correctly analyzed the graph, and those who were not allowed to discuss had incorrect interpretations of the data presented in the graph. The scientists behind the study concluded that when politicians can drop their masks and interact with each other anonymously, no one is more powerful than the other and they can start thinking clearly and provide the world with a better, reasonable, human judgments.

However, social media can have the opposite effect if we use the wrong means. Social media can significantly enrage political parties with a single iconography. The same researchers have come to the same conclusion once they showed the agreeing parties symbols of a donkey and an elephant. Once they did that, all their guards were up again and the likelihood of polarization was once again increased.

The takeaway from this research is that it all depends on optimization on social media. If SEO experts could, in the long run, eliminate, delete any type of symbols, keywords, iconography, videos that could drive individuals to their political camps, and impose more real-life things online, they would become unbiased, reasonable, normal people with a natural instinct to learn from one another and interact. Although it is a long shot, with the help of SEO professionals, teams like the SEO agency Miami, ordinary people could join forces, come up with ideas and do anything they can to reduce political polarization. We have a proof that it is manageable, opponents can agree on serious global changes and matters of utmost importance when their guards are down, they just need a little push from anyone who’s willing to take part of this revolutionary, but modern move towards better future.

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