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Before his detractors granted him the position of virtual Emperor, Barack Obama had already granted it to himself.

The US president has said repeatedly that he has no concerns about acting unilaterally if the US Congress does not pass legislation he feels like signing.

He has said so again on the issue of immigration reform, which has reinforced his position as an emperor”, a “king.”

“I’m the head of the executive and am called to follow the law.”

The problem is that, in exercising his supposed executive power, Obama as violated the law, as opposed to upholding it.

Although any fake liberal or Democratic Party operative would tell you that the president does have infinite power to act as it sees it fit and that Congress is irrelevant- that is just wishful thinking. Congress, as bad as it may be, is the only government body that has the power to pass laws. The President does not have that power.

But Obama does believe that he has some special powers given to him by… himself. In previous years, Obama publicly admitted he would act should Congress not do so. During electoral periods he measured the impact of his words, but his intention has always been the same one as it is today.

He has always sought to unlawfully legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants residing in the country. What many people do not understand is that, along with those 11 million there will be another 20 or so million people coming into a country whose economy and society are bankrupt and collapsed. 

Obama, however, sees his job differently at different times. When asked about the legality of his actions sometimes he seems reasonable, but other times he sounds like a modern dictator. “The problem is that I am the president of the United States. I am not the Emperor of the United States.

My job is to execute the laws passed and so far Congress has not acted to change what I consider to be a broken immigration system.”

Anyone would be hard pressed to find a person who does not think the immigration system is broken, however, legalizing 30 million people, taking them in and giving them all kinds of free goodies while Americans are jobless and on food stamps, is not the best example of how an executive office or a Congress should operate.

Months later after his statement about the Empire and with the fate of the elections in the air, Obama added his name to the list of presidents who would not go away without causing a major shift in the core of the American society.

Since his administration had nothing to show for, Obama decided he would “change the course of history” by blowing through his constitutional abilities with so-called executive orders, bypassing congressional authority and realizing his own dreams of what America should be like.

Although there are a few good examples of how previous US presidents used executive actions to bring about most needed change, Obama’s example is not one of them. The end of slavery, for example, came about in part due to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves. Truman also used executive power to end segregation in the US military.

Unfortunately for Americans, Obama does not intend to end 21st century slavery from government or from corporations. He does not want to crush poverty or segregation. Obama’s actions, intend to achieve exactly the opposite of what Lincoln and Truman did. His actions will further erode American values that have undoubtedly made the country what it was up to the last decade.

Surprisingly, Obama is not the president who has issued more executive orders, but he and George W. Bush have destroyed America with less executive actions than previous presidents have. It was under George W. Bush when the United States Congress passed the most draconian laws in the history of the nation.

The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act are just two of the most dangerous ones. But as guilty as Bush and his Congress are, so is Obama, because he has not done anything to repeal them.

Obama defended his position on immigration over the past weekend at a press conference held in Brisbane, where he was on the final leg of his Asian tour.

My position has not changed,” he said, justifying his intention to rule by decree to legalize millions of illegal immigrants. The White House explained his statement by saying that changes in the president’s comments in recent years reflect a shift in emphasis, not on opinion.

In other words, the nuances are important: the earlier view of the president emphasized the limits of his authority because at that time he was focused on Congress’ will to pass a law that  satisfied his own ambitions.

The Obama administration even copied previous labels given to the act of illegally giving a free pass to millions of south and central American immigrants. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the tag glued to any effort to “show compassion” with millions of immigrants who, fake liberals say, “are here already anyways”.

 “Acting alone is not how our democracy works,” Obama once said. His statement undoubtedly validates people’s concerns about the Imperial Presidency. No matter who is in the White House; every four or eight years, whoever is in there, will preside over an ever more powerful executive.

As if a more powerful executive office was not bad enough, Americans are also aware that both the White House and the Congress do not represent them anymore.

“Believe me, the idea of doing this by myself is just very tempting,” said Obama when he spoke before mindless supporters who allegedly demanded the legalization of millions by the power of his pen. “That’s not how our system works. It is not the way our Constitution is written,” declared Obama, a constitutional lawyer himself.

As we reported last week, Obama is acting unilaterally on immigration for one reason and one reason alone: To secure enough votes for the decaying Democratic Party in elections to come. It is all about political strategy for the future. By legalizing 30 million people, Obama guarantees millions of new voters; many more than 5 million people.

Obama’s executive actions, more than external threats dangerously erode the security of the nation, which more rapidly awakens Americans’ to the reality of the two party dictatorship they have lived in for a long, long time.

The “internal debate” is already raging within the Republican Party. Obama’s actions will be an important test for the leadership of both chambers of Congress. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell must prove they can govern after getting a mandate to end Obama’s mistakes.

Most people believe that Republicans will not challenge Obama on any of his violations of the US Constitution. In fact, despite Obama’s continuous violations, no one in Congress has called for his impeachment.

The only outcome that Americans and the world can expect is gridlock. If Obama decides to announce his executive action before December 11, the deadline to approve government funds for next year, Republicans may challenge him by threatening to defund the US government. If the president decides to wait until after that date, Republicans may challenge Obama by blocking his appointment for US Attorney General, for example.

But Americans should be more concerned about their government’s actions for another reason: The vast majority of Democrats and Republicans agree on legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants, which makes it less likely that a Republican Congress will declare Obama”s push for so-called “immigration reform” illegal.

If there is even one Republican supporter who believes that a Republican Congress is a formidable opponent to Obama’s immigration policies, it is worth remind them that Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush extended amnesty to family members of illegal aliens during the last major immigration reform initiatives passed in 1986.

Luis R. Miranda is the Founder and Editor of The Real Agenda. His 16 years of experience in Journalism include television, radio, print and Internet news. Luis obtained his Journalism degree from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, where he graduated in Mass Media Communication in 1998. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Among his most distinguished interviews are: Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres and James Hansen from NASA Space Goddard Institute. Read more about Luis.

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