Project Veritas Exposes TN Senate WannaBe – Phil Bredesen (VIDEO)

Project Veritas Exposes TN Senate WannaBe – Phil Bredesen (VIDEO) | phil-breseden | Multimedia Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests
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Phil Bredesen, Democrat, TN. believes he is going to be part of the “blue wave”. I seriously doubt, short of vote rigging, there would be a blue wave of any size. There could be, however, a red tsunami that washes clean the entire lot of “socialist democrats”. Let’s not forget how Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), Eric Holder and Cory Booker have all said that “pushing back”, “kick them”, “shut up” and “smear” are part of their messaging to the democratic base. Maybe not for you, but for me all these words and phrases these democratic “leaders” are using are nothing short of a call to violence.

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Project Veritas Exposes TN Senate WannaBe – Phil Bredesen (VIDEO) | Jf2Vvhh__normal | Multimedia Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Andrew Kugle@AndrewJKugle

SUPERcut of reporters telling people to not use the “mob” word cut with video of the mob.

Delaney Brown, Field Organizer, Phil Bredesen Campaign explained how she feels about Bredesen’s alleged dishonesty to the voters;

I know I’m going to be pissed off if this doesn’t pay off. If we lose, I’m going to be so mad. Because not only did he forfeit a lot of moral high ground…If it’s by a small margin…That’s the base.

Right there is everything I need to know. The moral compass is broken as stated by Delaney Brown. Why does she need to wait and see if there is a victory or not to proclaim moral high ground? The moral high ground, by her own admission, is already lost – sold out for potential votes.

Phil Bredesen, in the past, has aligned himself with less than honorable people, including Megan Barry who “resigned” in shame as Mayor of Nashville, Tn.

Two years ago when Megan Barry was running for Mayor of Nashville I knew she was crooked, and she wanted to join the “big club”. When former Tennessee Governor, Phil Bredesen, endorsed her my beliefs were vindicated. Megan Barry was elected Mayor and then resigned in shame after it was exposed that she is, allegedly, an adulteress, but, more importantly, was spending Nashvillians tax dollars on herself and was expensing her lovers overtime pay. You see Megan Barry was, allegedly, having an extramarital affair with her chief security officer who was on the payroll of the Metro Nashville Police Department. Whenever Megan would have the security officer “watch her house” or stay late for “protection” and especially when she traveled he would travel with her. How else would they, allegedly, have sex in other cities unless he went along? It was also exposed the two were, allegedly, having sex in the City Cemetery.

At the time when Barry resigned I stated the following:

Megan Barry should have never been Mayor of Nashville. There were questions surrounding her leadership even before she has handed the reigns of this thriving city. As a native Nashvillian I voted against her, campaigned against her and was shocked when she actually supposedly won the mayoral race.

Megan Barry came to be Mayor with the support of former Governor Phil Bredeson. This, for me, was a sign that Barry had her sights higher than Mayor, she was looking to join the Big Club. She was a democrats democrat in her support of sanctuary city status for Nashville.

Now we learn that former Tennessee Governor, Phil Bredesen, has, allegedly, been less than honest about his bid for Senate. The same Phil Bredesen that endorsed the morally bankrupt citizen discussed above.

Project Veritas, who has exposed Twitter for “shadow banning” and government employees within the General Accounting Office (GAO) and State Department for, not just working on personal projects on taxpayers time, but actually doing work to subvert the Trump administration. In other words, it appears, these people may be doing work to obstruct the federal government – which is a serious crime.

James O’keefes’ Team for Project Veritas have apparently been here in Tennessee to follow up on Bredesen and his supposed “I am NOT running against Trump” campaign talking points. Well, most Tennesseans already knew that was less than honest, but now we have video evidence that makes some of the Bredesen agenda fairly clear.

I sent this video to Marsha Blackburn’s office with a short note asking her staff to “put this to good use”. I can’t wait to see Project Veritas’ work show up in Marsha Blackburn’s commercials!!! I will be laughing all the way to the voting booth.

Please do not misunderstand – I am not voting for Marsha Blackburn, I am, in fact, voting for Trump’s agenda, which I believe Blackburn will support. She may not, but I feel confident Bredesen would vote against the Trump agenda, if not support the democrats that want to impeach him.

Please don’t take my word for it, listen to his staff discuss the Bredesen agenda.

And as a Follow up, James O’Keefe speaks with some of the people from the story

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