Proof Adam Lanza Was Fake And Sandy Hook Was A Hoax (VIDEO)

Proof Adam Lanza Was Fake And Sandy Hook Was A Hoax (VIDEO) | adam-lanza-460x259 | False Flags Multimedia Sleuth Journal US News

This video provides absolute proof of Photoshop editing that cannot be debunked! Please copy and redistribute in HD.

Photo circulated by law enforcement shows “Adam Lanza.” Authorities claim Adam Lanza killed his mother on December 14, 2012 then opened fire inside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT, killing 26 people (including 20 children), before killing himself. Then, DHS bulldozed the school and demolished the “Nancy Lanza” house, because neither place held DNA/Fingerprints of the FICTIONAL occupants! Cartoon characters (Adam Lanza) don’t leave fingerprints on doorknobs. Imaginary students couldn’t leave fingerprints all over their classrooms. Solution? DEMOLISH both crimes scenes before anyone sneaks inside to find ZERO fingerprints/DNA from the (fictional) victims or (fictional) shooter. USGOV is determined to DISARM YOU, and they’re using TRICKERY to grab your guns.

Barry Soetoro

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