The Reader’s Choice Survival and Preparedness Library

The Reader’s Choice Survival and Preparedness Library | survival-library | Preparedness\Survival

Last week, I showed you the list of my personal favorite preparedness books and asked you for your favorites. Many of these, I hadn’t heard of, while others, I just hadn’t read or overlooked. But what we have here is an amazing list of books to add to your survival and preparedness library.

For some, I was able to provide links so that you can get them. Others weren’t as easy to find, but you can be on the lookout for them when you hit thrift stores, libraries, and yard sales. The listings below all have the reasons that the reader recommended them.

Happy reading!

The Reader’s Choice Survival and Preparedness Library – Non-Fiction

General Preparedness


(If your region isn’t listed here, I strongly recommend you search for a local guide to foraging)



Philosophy/Mental Preparedness

Do you have books to add?

Share them in the comments section below. Coming soon – the Prepper’s Fiction Library!

(Caroline, Karen, Erin, Susan, Walter, Lester, Mimi, John, Karen, Heather, Lisa, Julie, Ted, Tiffany, and David: Thank you for your contributions! )

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