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Kabul: Afghanistan- a country caught between headlines and past. Afghanistan-the land of Afghans, mountainous land-locked country with history and culture that goes back over 5000 years with an average population of 31 million estimated in 2013 which includes 2.7 million Afghan refugees that are residing temporarily in Pakistan and Iran. 

Set against Afghanistan’s deep rooted religious, ethnic and social divisions, the comprehensive history examines that the nation for centuries has been in constant conflict. Beginning with early Persian, Greek and Mongol invasions and continuing through the Russian incursion, it maps the history and development of Afghanistan through its war and their effects. The recent bitter civil war is also addressed as is the role of Taliban- who controlled most of the country under fanatical and reclusive leader- including their stance on minority group, Islam, the place of women in society and their support for Taliban’s and with the military event involving in the country. 

With reporting day to day bombings in the capital to mass killing, from sexual assault against women to female foeticide , health hazards, unemployment, ill-literacy and  to underdeveloped provinces every day, each hour, each minute and each second is a silent trauma faced by the civilians in day to day life. With the recent announcement of US troop’s withdrawal and the first election after several years, the country is now celebrating the soon arriving Independency. The country is now keen on moving towards development like in other Asian countries.

Rebuilding Afghanistan | President-Karzai-and-Indian-Prime-Minister-Dr.-Manmohan-singh-219x300 | World News President Hamid Karzai is continuously on the move from one country to another to seek infrastructural and partnership assistance for the country, to train their military troops, to train the parliamentary know-how. Similarly some non-governmental organisation (NGO) like ABNA (Agency for building new Afghanistan) who stood still even during the bombings, mass-killings during the pre-and post-war ) encouraged re-habilitation, women empowerment, Community empowerment and the employment through various funds and donors.

Rebuilding Afghanistan | Sayed-Mohammad-Sultani-Executive-Director-of-ABNA-255x300 | World News Mr. Sayed Mohammad Sultani, the Executive Director of ABNA says, “I am delighted to work for my people and my country’s development. Working for them gives me a satisfaction of giving my very little of me and in return receive their blessings. I feel happy to see most of the highly demanded and costly carpets woven are from Afghanistan and I have the best of the best women and male artisans, I am glad to see business administrators trained under my projects are working with high dignity and high salary. ABNA has also been an independent part of Civil society, Human resource, health care and anti-corruption activity. It is a blessing for me to see that through my NGO ABNA and through some donors-fund, provided to some 17,700 families are now dealing the best way to animal and bird husbandry and adds to their family income. I feel obliged when my donors come back to me with a new project to develop the untouched provinces and yet again I feel I am the chosen one to serve my fellows, my country, my region and myself. All thanks to my God, my Donors, my staff and my family” 

Apart from The President- Hamid Karzai and ABNA Director- Mr. Sayed Mohammad Sultani, there are heap of hopes mounding in the eyes of every citizen. Hope towards rebuilding a new Afghanistan. A youth would like to call Afghanistan a Terrorist and Taliban free country while the adults look forward to seeing their children living life in an Independent, Casualty-free country. Students are keen to join military forces, Politics and Business administration while the unemployed are hoping for a fear free visa to work in other countries and last but not the leas,t are the young women of the country who are seeking their career in Arts, sports, music and defense. 

The Past and the present history of Afghanistan has been an International issue. But this time, God and time both seems to be in favor of Afghanis. There’s a chance, there’s a hope, there’s an open door and the sun seems beheading darkness slowly and gradually. Is this an end to the civilized-ethnic war of the post – medieval period? Or is this a sign of actual challenges coming by and from the civilians? Will Afghanistan succeed in nominating the country’s name like other developed Asian countries in the coming year? Or will it again lack it’s values and importance in religion and races again? Questions brainstorming… Youth cries, “we want no more headlines“.

 Arshpreet kaur Ahluwalia is an upcoming Indian television and International journalist and columnist, presently working as Intern reporter with IBN7,A network18 group in India. A Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from Punjab, Arshpreet has won ‘writer award’ for trendsetter and ‘Punjabi screen magazine award’ for writing ‘Why do I hear such voices?’. for the Channel IBN7, her main reporting topics include crime, politics, writing about society, terrorism, religion, talk shows and debates with known guest speakers around the world.

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