How to Remove a Criminal Record in Canada

How to Remove a Criminal Record in Canada | handcuffed | News And Opinions

All it takes is a lapse in judgment, followed by a bad decision, and you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law with a criminal record. Living in a modern society requires that we behave and live inside of the rules of a society governed by the law. However, life does not always turn out to be a rose garden, and sometimes people make mistakes. If you have received a criminal record, then this is what you need to know to get rid of it and clear your name.

A Criminal Record Reduces Your Opportunity in Life

Society rewards its productive, law-abiding citizens with the ability to use financial services and apply for credit. Leasing a car, applying for a mortgage and traveling overseas for a vacation are all luxuries of living as a citizen of an advanced culture and country. However, should you receive a criminal record, you can expect withdrawal of these privileges. You may even lose your job if your employer finds out you have a record.

Having a criminal record follow you around for the rest of your days will reduce your opportunity in life. A record prevents you from achieving the full benefits and rewards of living in modern society.

What Are Record Suspensions?

Would you like another chance at becoming a productive member of society, free from the pressures of a criminal record? Record suspensions are available for criminals that have completed their time in jail and successfully rehabilitated themselves back into society. If your crime did not involve young children and you did not serve more than two years in prison on more than two separate occasions, then you may be eligible for a record suspension.

The CPIC, Canadian Police Information Centre stores all criminal records. A record suspension removes your file from this database and potential employers and financial services providers will not receive notice of your previous convictions in their record checks. A record suspension gives you another opportunity at life and the chance to make something of your future without the dark cloud of a criminal record hanging over your head.

It is important to note that if you are arrested and charged with another crime, Federal authorities retain the right to unseal your previous criminal record. If you are lucky enough to receive a record suspension from the Canadian Parole Board, then use it to your advantage and steer clear of any potential offenses that may find you on the other side of the law again.

Use Professionals to Help You Clear Your Criminal Record

Your criminal record will last until your 125th birthday, so it makes sense to apply for a record suspension as soon as possible. Going through the required procedure to apply for a record suspension can be confusing. Improve your chances of a successful application by using a professional service provider to help you with the process. Professionals can assist you with fingerprinting services in Canada, as well as any other aspects of your application. Working with professionals is the fastest and easiest way to ensure you receive your record suspension.

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