Reversing the Mental Side Effects of the New World Order

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Contrary to the beliefs of many people, taking a strong stand against the globalist one world government plans, fascism and tyranny is one of the most important ways to fight against what is now being scientifically proven to be one of the greatest mental afflictions humanity faces now.

Neuro-imagining studies demonstrate the effects words can have on the brain. Studies show that exposure to various negative words and visuals and stimulus factors can have a deteriorating effect on the brain. Fear has a deteriorating effect on the brain, as does the threat of tyranny, fascism, ‘terrorists’, war, financial collapse, catastrophes, outer space threats and all the engineered fear and gloom the corporate media and Hollywood regularly bombard us with today. Knowing the deteriorating effect words and images have on the brain doesn’t stop government from using negative words and fear generating tactics in conjunction with their media to bombard people with cognitive weapons of mind destruction.

Conversely the effect of positive words are known to us; humans equally respond to positive meaningful words, images and other physiological techniques that induce relaxation, potentiate harmony, warmth, calmness and overall mental comfort.

Our fund of knowledge about how humans operate makes us all the more responsible for addressing and exposing the mass manipulation of people by government, the media and Hollywood (Government Media, Hollywood Complex). This complex is now clearly seen to be pushing the masses into a mental direction that is opposite and contrary to what each human wants deep down inside. No one wants to see war or be involved in war, no one wants to think they are in danger that only the government can save them from. This is a very fearful place to live mentally.

The GMH-Complex is setting aside the most important essence of humanity, our capacity to create ideas, to reach for our individual dreams and to thrive, and they are replacing it with a collective conscious of fear, gloom and subservience. It is placing humanity in a situation where its mental comfort does not come from within but instead it comes from knowing that their government cares about them so much and is looking out for their safety and protection. This GMH-Complex engineered state of mind also requires that all citizens be alert at all times and ‘alert’ implies a state of vigilant awareness and anxiety and encourages paranoia and fear. This paranoia and fear is encouraged in their movies and mass media messages.

Apparently we are to believe the government is concerned for your physical well being and that your mental and spiritual well being is not important. This notion would be true if we were only physical beings. The greater part of us, it turns out is human consciousness. Something not experienced is out of sight and out of mind like it doesn’t exist. Consciousness is what we are and it is inseparable to the human experience.

Being that we are consciousness we owe it to ourselves to bring ourselves to a place where we can all thrive as human beings. We all seek to be who we want to be, to have meaningful experiences and to accomplish that thing we want to do that is at the core of what we value the most. This is certainly a significant purpose for our existence on earth and I can think of no other greater purpose.

This purpose of thriving suffers at the hand of antagonistic elements which exist on earth. A careful, sincere, and simple retrospective analysis shows repeatedly that government and its media complex (GMH) works hard at keeping every individual person in a state of fear, anxiety, negativity and readiness for tribulation. This observation should be stated and acknowledged so that we can make a focused effort to implement solutions for this human challenge.

Let’s ask ourselves, what we can do as individuals to make this world a better place. One good place to start is to tune government off including their media and its mouthpieces. You will never know how peaceful your world can be until you tune the GMH Complex off. Give it a try and listen for the silence. Studies show the benefits of meditation, prayer, images of smiles, peaceful scenarios and positive words can have on humans. We know the results of these positive stimuli and the positive effects it has on other components of our humanity. Let’s consider the knowledge we are accumulating about who we are and use it in a meaningful way. Let us not allow our brains to accept one positive scientific fact (about the positive effects some things have on humanity) while ignoring another (the negative and detrimental effect fear, doom, gloom, lies, war, and propaganda have on humanity).

I choose to acknowledge what we know about humanity and apply practical, wise, and logical problem solving solutions to the problems we face; problems of consciousness deterioration, conscious existential intimidation, and existence in the state of fear and anxiety. So unless these cognitive manifestations and expressions are to be ignored and unless our consciousness is unimportant and unless cognitively oppressive governments are to be given priority over our very conscious existence, then I’ll assume that there is no miscalculation here and my logic and reason is sound. Let us then act upon this simple knowledge about who we are and let our actions show that we understand these principles.

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About The Author

Wendy Blanks is an independent researcher, journalist and activist. She is the Founder of TruWire Productions, LLC., and the Owner/Chief Editor for The Sleuth Journal. She has done investigative research in multiple fields and has a passion for sharing true news on various topics such as government corruption, natural health, human rights, globalism and other important issues that plague our society. Thankfully, we live in the age of information and sharing knowledge has become easier than ever. She has a deep desire to expose the truth in propagated information that is spewed from corporate/mainstream media. True journalism has been dead for some time and it is her goal to revive it. The Sleuth Journal streamlines groups of like-minded individuals and organizations to create a massive knowledge base for a ‘conscious awakening’ of what is really going on in today’s oligarchy pyramid that we call ‘society’. So many people are zombies by media, television and other means of mass brainwashing and we need to reverse the effects and give people back their minds, and in return, their power and will to change and challenge the system. Like The Sleuth Journal on Facebook. Follow The Sleuth Journal on Twitter. Join The Sleuth Journal group on Linkedin. Be sure to visit Drone Patrol to view and report drone sightings.

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