Review for Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food

Review for Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food | gluten-free-book | Autism Awareness General Health Medical & Health Natural Health When I acquired the book Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food from Chef Alain Braux I honestly was expecting a cook book… I mean, it is a cookbook right? The title says it is. The cover says it is and the fact that it’s written by a chef… well, it also says it IS.

But – I’m here to tell you otherwise! Sure, this book has incredible recipes and every possible gluten free and / or casein free cooking questions is answered but it is so much more than a cookbook that it probably should be called the Everything you Could Possibly Need to Know About Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food! However, this informative title might be a bit overwhelming so perhaps he might as well stick to his original idea.

This book, that I now affectionately refer to often, is a handbook for shopping, consulting with your doctor, educating your family, friends, neighbors, organizing your gluten and / or dairy free life and much more!

A few key points that I found to be quite valuable:

  • Actual stories from many who discovered and shared timely and truly essential short-cuts to eating gluten and dairy free are priceless. It just doesn’t get better than learning from someone who has ‘been there, done that’.
  • How to Spot Gluten in Foods and Other Products is an educational chapter that I would photocopy and keep with you at all times. Key tips include Other Words Indicating that Gluten is Present.
  • What Else Could Be Bothering You? Sure, you or your doctor have it pretty well figured out: You need to be on a gluten free / casein free diet. But – it’s not helping all that much. Well… perhaps it’s more than just gluten and / or casein. This section will guide you as you are figuring it all out!
  • Living With Autism – Now, this section is near and dear to my heart. For me at least, he really was preaching to the choir. This is a superb section that should be a must read section for – literally – anyone who has been affected by autism (99.9%). This chapter presents the association between food and autism as clear as you’ll ever find. Even medical doctors should be able to ‘get it’. I’ll never forget a doctor once telling me that he was “Trained in medicine, not in health” when I was trying to explain the seriousness of digestive system inflammation to him and how a gluten and casein free diet was helping my son. This truly was the first step in healing my son’s suppressed immune system but most of us need to be thoroughly trained in this area.

The list could go on and on – and I could share a few of my favorite recipes, which begin on page 185 with a wonderful introduction into how to be successful at the new way of cooking – but it’s best, I believe, to let you discover this treat for yourself. This book is like finding a buried treasure that will continue to improve your life – for life!

I would recommend that you don’t buy ONE copy of this marvelous book – buy TWO or THREE copies and give the others to those people who aren’t trained in health. This book will change their life!


Rhonda Spellman

Proud to be the mom of two incredibly awesome boys! One just happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. Both teach me how to be grateful for life every day. Receive TWO copies of my award winning book, The Journey Home from Autism when you order ONE here: The Journey Home from Autism.

Rhonda Spellman is an award winning author, professional speaker, autism advocate and coach. A published author at 17, she has since worked in many areas of the writing / publishing / media field. When a form of autism took her son’s voice in 2001 and threatened to take his ability to live a normal life, she began to search for better answers. Rhonda self-published her first children’s book – an EVVY award winner, in 2003, a short two months before her first son was diagnosed with autism. Her second book, based on small emperor penguin who gives children a message, “You don’t have to BE big to DO big things” was picked up by a major publisher in 2008. Rhonda’s third book, “The Journey Home from Autism“, is based on over 7,000 logged hours of research was released on January 1, 2010. It has won a 1st place INDIE Excellence award and an EVVY award. In January, 2013, she published her 10-year-old son’s first book, “Asperger’s Rhymes with Bass Burgers“. Her programs for children and adults, her website and her column “Beyond the Spectrum” are designed to educate and enrich life ~ in all of our many shapes, colors and forms. Her online sites include:,,,, She can be reached at

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