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Many writers in the “Alternative Media”, including myself, seem to spend a lot of their time criticizing America. Although this was the very methodology which led to the forming of our great nation, and criticism is necessary for improvement, especially when there is a need for a lot of improvement, my wife aptly pointed out that time needs to be spent discussing the great qualities of America as well . . . and she is right.

While one could humorously say that the United States is really Great at faking moon landings and causing more wars than anyone else, it is also true that, comparatively, in this Lost World of ours, comparatively to probably the majority of all nations on earth, the quality of life and relative freedoms here are . . . exemplary.

Half of the world’s population lives in abject poverty known as “Third-World” nations; without clean water, without schools, and without hope of a better life. The reason is largely because of the corruption of their governments. Half of the remaining portion of the world’s population lives in “Second-World” nations, where there are McDonalds and KFC’s, yet where orphaned children still roam the streets begging for food. America is not like any of these. We have great libraries, fire departments, and hospitals, which will not turn you away if you cannot pay. In these other nations they most certainly will.

America has a great entrepreneurial spirit still aflame from our Founding Fathers, though now largely stifled and choked by unnecessary and expensive bureaucracy. (In the Philippines, a “Second-World” nation, for example, starting a business costs about two percent as much as it does here.) America has, relatively, freedom of speech, though when I was at NASA and asked why they could not repeat landing on the moon five decades later with fifty years more advancements in technology and rocketry, I was forcibly escorted off the public property by security forces. Try posting an unfavorable video on the internet of the president in North Korea or China, and expect to spend a about a decade in prison with a Saudi prince on dialysis eyeing your kidneys.

Religious freedom is also exemplary here. Not too long ago in Russia (formerly known as the Soviet Union), merely owning a Bible would get you five years in prison at hard labor. In the United States, we can worship Satan openly if we so choose. While the latter may not be a good thing, as is the KKK, both groups have a right to assemble peaceable if they so choose . . . and this is amazing.

My mother would always say to me, “If I give you an inch, you’ll take a mile”, unfortunately, the same is true with Federal Powers. Today, believe it or not, it is MANDATORY, by Federal Law, to have utilities from mammoth electrical and water companies, even if you can prove that you don’t need them because of solar power or rainwater collection, and even if you’ll never use them. People need permits to hunt or fish on their own property and even to get married. (Not so in most “less developed” nations.) Our Founding Fathers would vomit at this.

Nevertheless, all in all, in a Lost World such as this, where three quarters of the population has homeless children roaming the streets and a critical word against the authorities will put you in prison, I’d say we have it, relatively, very good in America. As patriotic writers such as I criticize our government’s corruption in an effort to compel it to rise up to wholesome perfection, we also need to remember that most of the world has it much, much worse and we need to appreciate the things that our government does well, after all, the poverty line here is considered very rich in most of the world.

I will discuss this, and much more, in this week’s episode of “Conspiracy Corner News”.

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