Role of Media Scoundrels Is to Lie and Scare Hell Out of People

Role of Media Scoundrels Is to Lie and Scare Hell Out of People | mainstream_media_news | Mainstream Media Propaganda Special Interests US News War Propaganda

Media scoundrels operate as mouthpieces for power, featuring disinformation, Big Lies and fake news on issues mattering most.

Supporting all US wars of aggression and others planned, they vilify nations America opposes, manipulating people to support war, along with scaring the bejesus out of them irresponsibly.

Citing August 9 and 10 Public Policy Polling data, Axios reported 82% of Americans fear nuclear war with North Korea – media scoundrels manipulating their minds by daily reports, vilifying the DPRK, highlighting its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Reports don’t explain why these programs exist. Pyongyang legitimately fears US aggression, wanting them as possible deterrents, defenseless without them.

Nor is anything said about no DPRK attack on any nations throughout its post-World War II history – silence about America’s permanent war policy, waging naked aggression against one country after another.

Here are the polling highlights Axios reported:

“91% of Americans have paid at least some attention to the North Korea news with 63% giving a lot of attention to the issue.”

“54% of both Democrats and Republicans felt that war between the United States and North Korea is somewhat close.”

“Sizable majorities in both parties (82% of Democrats, 68% of Republicans) favor exhausting all diplomatic options in order to avoid war, and even bigger majorities (90% of Democrats, 80% of Republicans) support direct talks with North Korea before military action.”

“While a plurality of Americans oppose a preemptive military strike to disable North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, the parties themselves disagree – a majority of Republicans would support it while a majority of Democrats would be opposed.”

Media mind manipulation convinced most Americans to believe North Korea poses a significant threat.

The real one lies in Washington, not Pyongyang – what media scoundrels never explain, nor their own complicity with America’s rogue agenda, waging war on humanity at home and abroad, risking nuclear armageddon.

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