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The report where monkeys developed Autism after receiving routing vaccines has me fuming! Interestingly enough, this isn’t a NEW report – this is a report dated May 7, 2012. I just happened to read it again this morning. I don’t condone testing on animals but, personally, I would have preferred that the first round of mercury testing would have been done on anything (even animals) before on unknowing, innocent children!

My perfectly normal “above average” toddler was mercury poisoned by vaccinations and later diagnosed with a form of Autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome. We never knew that mercury was an ingredient to be considered – until it was too late to stop the damage that could have been prevented by a group who knew of this risk years ago.

In June 2000, a group of scientists and health official met to discuss the rising concerns of adding mercury (aka thimerosal, well known to be 49.6% mercury) to immunizations. This meeting was overseen by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Based on this meeting, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. documented and submitted an article with this title: Deadly Immunity, where he alleges the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal.

He shares how the CDC ordered the covering up of information linking vaccines, specifically thimerosal, to autism. I suppose it shouldn’t be a big surprise that monkeys developing autism didn’t make a big splash either, since that information was most likely covered up as well.A few comments shared in the Deadly Immunity article should cause alarm but, apparently, many have chosen to cover up these details as well.

“I was actually stunned by what I saw,” said Tom Verstraeten, CDC epidemiologist, after he analyzed the medical records of 100,000 children and determined that vaccinations containing thimerosal appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children.

Dr. Richard Johnston, an immunologist and pediatrician from the University of Colorado was recorded as saying:
“… I do not want my grandson to get a thimerosal-containing vaccine until we know better what is going on.”

Dr. Bob Chen, head of vaccine safety for the CDC expressed that “given the sensitivity of the information, we have been able to keep it out of the hands of, let’s say, less responsible hands.”

The most profound statement of them all came from Dr. John Clements, vaccines adviser at the World Health Organization, who declared that “perhaps this study should not have been done at all.”

With this type of “bury your head in the sand” viewpoint there is little wonder in my mind why Autism has become an epidemic that is stealing the minds and lives of our innocent children by the thousands.

Aimed with this knowledge it’s easy to look ahead to 2020.  The adults running our country will probably struggle to focus on anything for more than ten minutes at a time, they will probably supply bizarre, inappropriate answers to perfectly normal questions and they will search incessantly for ways to prevent toxic time bombs from exploding in their brains.

Perhaps some the monkeys who were used for this test should be running our country…? Perhaps some of them already are…? But, alas, this is subject matter for another story altogether.

Rhonda Spellman is an award winning author, professional speaker, autism advocate and coach. A published author at 17, she has since worked in many areas of the writing / publishing / media field. When a form of autism took her son’s voice in 2001 and threatened to take his ability to live a normal life, she began to search for better answers. Rhonda self-published her first children’s book – an EVVY award winner, in 2003, a short two months before her first son was diagnosed with autism. Her second book, based on small emperor penguin who gives children a message, “You don’t have to BE big to DO big things” was picked up by a major publisher in 2008. Rhonda’s third book, “The Journey Home from Autism“, is based on over 7,000 logged hours of research was released on January 1, 2010. It has won a 1st place INDIE Excellence award and an EVVY award. In January, 2013, she published her 10-year-old son’s first book, “Asperger’s Rhymes with Bass Burgers“. Her programs for children and adults, her website and her column “Beyond the Spectrum” are designed to educate and enrich life ~ in all of our many shapes, colors and forms. Her online sites include:,,,, She can be reached at

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