The Salt Gun: Bringing Hot Sauce To A Gun Fight (VIDEO)

The Salt Gun: Bringing Hot Sauce To A Gun Fight (VIDEO) | Bringing-hot-sauce-to-a-gun-fight | Gun Control Multimedia Science & Technology Special Interests

Let’s face it. Very few people are lukewarm in their opinions about guns. Most folks either love them or hate them.

For those of us who love them, we have guns because we want to keep our families safe. If, like me, you’re a woman, a firearm is an equalizer that allows you to take on someone bigger and stronger and still have a good chance of coming out of the situation victorious. And that desire for safety is universal. Even those who don’t like guns obviously want their families to be safe too.

The Salt Gun

Introducing the Salt gun, a device that uses another seasoning, pepper, to deter potential attackers without killing them. It was “designed around the belief that a gun shouldn’t have to take a life to protect a life.”

But…is bringing hot sauce to a gun fight really the best idea?

Maybe it’s just me, but if I am in a situation during which I have drawn my firearm and pointed it at someone, it is for a good enough reason that my first concern is not to avoid hurting them. I’m planning to take them down until they are no longer a threat if they don’t back off when warned.

In theory, it all sounds good, but when you break down the claims in the video, the Salt gun could very likely get someone killed if they depended on it during a life-and-death situation. Here are a few of the issues that I saw with it:

  1. If the user or a family member suffers from a respiratory issue, that family member or user may also be debilitated by the pepper bullet. If you are more debilitated than the intruder, it’s not going to go too well for you.
  2. Pepper spray actually can be lethal, according to this article, to an asthmatic or someone with other serious respiratory problems. Whether that asthmatic is you, your child or the intruder, the end result would be the same – your attempt to use a non-lethal method would end in someone’s death.
  3. Some people are immune to pepper spray. If you hit them with a pepper pellet it’s just going to make them mad. As well, an intruder on drugs may be completely unaffected. (Check out the guy in this video – do you think your pepper bullets would slow him down?)
  4. Some people have had training (military and police) so that they are less affected by pepper spray. If someone has experienced it before, the shock will be less, and that may be all the intruder needs to overcome the effects and take you down.
  5. How will you practice your aim?  You can’t exactly go to the range to improve your accuracy with a pepper gun.
  6. The idea of making a cloud of fumes around the door to protect yourself seems ridiculous. First of all, anyone in the room (like YOU, the one shooting) is also going to be affected. Second, do you really think that someone is going to see that and just stop?
  7. If they have a gun that shoots lead bullets and you have a gun that shoots pepper bullets, who do you think will win? And what if they begin shooting wildly when they’re blinded by your pepper bullets?
  8. The effect of pepper spray isn’t instantaneous. If the intruder sees you shooting at him, he could empty an entire magazine and probably reload before it debilitates him.
  9. It looks like a real gun. This means that someone will be highly compelled to shoot you with their real gun if they think you are going to pull the trigger. That someone could be the police or an intruder – they’ll simply see you, holding your pepper gun, and believe that you are a threat to their life.

One other issue is the false sense of security that the Salt gun seems to give to people who do not recognize the limitations. Some of the glowing reviews on Amazon underscore this:

(click to enlarge) The Salt Gun: Bringing Hot Sauce To A Gun Fight (VIDEO) | salt-gun-comment | Gun Control Multimedia Science & Technology Special Interests

It’s important to note that police and the military use pepper guns frequently as a non-lethal way to disperse crowds or take down an offender. But it’s also important to note, they generally employ non-lethal methods when they have a real gun on their hips and other cops to back them up should something go wrong.

The Salt gun is available on Amazon. (Get ready for sticker shock because it’s nearly as much as a real gun.) You can also buy 10 rounds of the pepper bullets for a whopping $50. Wow, and I was just complaining about the price of snake shot ammo.

If you live in a place where you can’t have a firearm or if you refuse to have a firearm, the Salt would possibly be better than nothing at all.

Personally, I’ll stick with my Glock, because I’d really rather not take hot sauce to a gun fight.

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