Sandy Hook Has Been Demolished

sandy hook demolished

The photograph above, likely taken in mid-December, shows the remains of the Sandy Hook Elementary School crime scene, where all evidence has now been destroyed. The demolition of the 57 year old structure commenced in October, shortly after a $50 million appropriation made by Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy to rebuild the school and a $2.5 million payout by President Obama’s Department of Justice to local and regional law enforcement agencies participating in the December 14, 2012 event

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4 Responses to Sandy Hook Has Been Demolished

  1. Jason Vega says:

    What, did something happen there? Hmm not much to look at now.

    Time to read catcher in the rye again I guess… or not read it.

  2. Joseph Blow says:

    Had to destroy the evidence, just like the World Trade Center debris.

  3. joe says:

    SH was a hoax… That’s why the school has been demolished…

  4. ByChance says:

    To bad. Sandy Hook was the #1 ICEPICK for 2014…

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