Satellite Images Show US-Supported Forces With ISIS in Syria

Satellite Images Show US-Supported Forces With ISIS in Syria | satellite | Sleuth Journal Special Interests War Propaganda World News

This and other incriminating evidence clearly reveal US support for ISIS – the scourge it pretends to combat, arming its fighters, providing other material support.

Silence by media scoundrels makes them complicit with US high crimes, a longstanding unholy alliance, a disgrace to legitimate journalism.

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry released satellite video images showing US-supported troops together with terrorists comprising the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), moving freely in ISIS-controlled parts of Deir Ezzor governorate.

“Without resistance from ISIS militants, (these forces) are moving along the left bank of the Euphrates river towards the town of Deir Ezzor,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said, adding:

“Despite strongholds of the US armed forces…located where ISIS troops are currently deployed, there are not even signs of organization of a battle outpost.”

In other words, ISIS, al-Nusra, and so-called SDF forces are virtually the same thing – US recruited, armed, funded and directed cutthroat killers, waging naked aggression against Syria and its people.

Images were taken from September 8 – 12 in areas controlled by ISIS, also showed “US Hummer armored vehicles used by the US Army’s special forces,” Russia’s Defense Ministry explained.

US and SDF forces “feel absolutely safe” in ISIS-controlled territory.

Days earlier, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov accused SDF fighters of colluding with ISIS, saying they “work (for) the same objectives.”

“Russian drones and intelligence have not recorded any confrontations between” between them. They’re allies, not enemies.

The Pentagon’s so-called Operation Inherent Resolve so far is silent on Russia’s damning evidence.

Separately, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem accused Washington of working with its terrorist “assets” in Syria, including al-Nusra, to undermine Astana peace talks.

Russia’s Defense Ministry made a similar accusation, saying its intelligence revealed US forces together with al-Nusra terrorists tried halting “the successful advance of government forces east of Deir Ezzor.”

Russian airpower smashed their offensive. Sergey Lavrov condemned the US-led coalition for refusing to combat al-Nusra, calling it “absolutely unacceptable.”

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, nearly 90% of Syrian territory held by ISIS is now liberated.

Moscow will respond appropriately to any US efforts to impede the campaign to free Syria entirely from control by terrorists.

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