Saudi Terror-Bombing in Yemen Now Trump’s War

Saudi Terror-Bombing in Yemen Now Trump’s War | saudi-arabia-yemen-donald-trump-002-1486656560-1024x683 | Trump War Propaganda World News
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The same goes for all Bush/Cheney/Obama wars in multiple theaters, still raging. Trump inherited them.

Failure to halt them makes him responsible for high crimes of war and against humanity. It breaches his promise to be noninterventionist.

On Wednesday, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Washington “will continue to work with” Yemen’s Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi – a US puppet, a despot, complicit with Al Qaeda.

Not according to Toner, saying the Trump administration supports him “in order to ultimately eradicate ISIS from Yemen” – failing to explain Washington created and supports the terrorist group, along with virtually all other regional ones.

Relentless Saudi terror-bombing continues, targeting civilians and Houthi opposition forces alike. UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said “(c)ivilians were trapped during the fighting (in al-Mokha).”

“There are real fears the situation will repeat itself in the port of Hodeidah where air strikes are apparently already intensifying.”

Most of the country faces famine conditions, a previous article explaining Yemeni children under age five are dying at the rate of one every 10 minutes from starvation.

US/Saudi blockade prevents vitally needed humanitarian aid from entering the country in sufficient amounts. Conditions for millions are catastrophic.

According to UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Stephen O’Brien, over 10 million Yemenis “require immediate assistance to save or sustain their lives, (and) at least two million people need emergency food assistance to survive.”

A devastating holocaust gets little media attention. Conflict continues raging two years after Obama launched it.

Millions of lives are endangered. Instead of helping desperate people by halting the war, Trump apparently encourages it.

Washington and Britain supply Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars in weapons and munitions, including banned cluster bombs. They’re used for one purpose – mass slaughter and destruction, civilians harmed most of all.

Following Saudi terror-bombing a Houthi funeral ceremony last October, killing and wounding hundreds, UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson urged continued arms sales to its regime.

He lied saying Riyadh “appear(s) committed both to improving processes and to taking action to address failures…”

Two years of terror-bombing aren’t enough. America and Britain support more. Last November, Theresa May’s government rejected calls by two parliamentary committees and human rights groups to halt arms and munitions sales to the Saudis.

Their use violates international humanitarian law. War on Yemen is naked aggression, including regular drone strikes on Trump’s watch – in Yemen and elsewhere, mostly killing defenseless civilians.

America and Britain are complicit with Riyadh in waging war without mercy on millions of desperate Yemenis to reinstall despotic rule to the war-torn country.

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