Scandalous Scoundrel Media Big Lies On Syria

Scandalous Scoundrel Media Big Lies On Syria | mainstream_media_news | Mainstream Media War Propaganda World News

John Pilger calls journalism the first casualty of war – “a weapon of war, a virulent censorship” by omission or commission.

Managed news misinformation and Big Lies substitute for truth and full disclosure. A culture of deceit persists.

Media coverage of Obama’s war on Syria is some of the most outrageous in US history – truth turned on its head, Assad and Russia maliciously blamed for US-led high crimes.

Syria was invaded, an imperial victim. There’s nothing civil about ongoing conflict – raping and destroying a sovereign state. Washington wants another colonized trophy, an Israeli rival eliminated, Iran isolated.

Media scoundrels blame Russia and Syria for US-led high crimes, The New York Times a lead instrument of media misinformation, a lying machine for wealth, power and privileged.

Its editors ignored Assad’s right to defend his nation and people against hordes of US-supported terrorists, blaming him for raging conflict, notably in Aleppo.

They maintain the myth of “moderate rebels,” lied saying Assad keeps killing civilians “and recently struck a hospital and three clinics in Aleppo.” Terrorists and a US warplane were responsible.

Times editors, correspondents and contributors systematically ignore horrendous US high crimes in all its war theaters – at the same time, turning truth on its head, falsely accusing Assad of “increasing disregard for international law…”

US aggression against Syria continues, an entire nation and its people victimized by its ruthlessness.

Endless conflict shows no signs of ending. Millions are suffering horrifically. Peace talks are farcical with no chance for success – cessation of hostilities more myth than reality.

What country is next on America’s hit list? All independent ones are vulnerable.


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