Scientist Exposes Flu Shot Lies And Media Propaganda (VIDEO)

Scientist Exposes Flu Shot Lies And Media Propaganda (VIDEO) | flu-vaccination-460x259 | Multimedia Propaganda Science & Technology Vaccines

Flu shots are promoted based on outright anti-scientific lies and media propaganda, where no scientific discussion of the inherent risks of vaccines is allowed or tolerated.

This makes the vaccine industry completely anti-scientific and more of a “cult” than a science.


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    • objectivenurse

      This “scientist” is a joke. Anyone with a scratch of medical and statistical knowledge can see his tricks. You can’t compare two completely different pieces of data such as total adverse drug reactions to any and all drugs that caused by them in a year to the number of deaths from the flu over several months. If he actually had statistics and published research that actually calculated the number of deaths caused by adverse reactions to the flu shot and compared that to the number of deaths caused by the flu and there was a significantly higher risk of death due to the vaccine, then it would be a legitimate conclusion to say that the flu vaccine is more deadly than the flu itself. This guy is an expert at manipulating and choosing the right sequence in which to place separate facts to persuade the uneducated viewer into believing that modern medicine is just a machine made to make you sicker. I work in healthcare. I see people get better every day due to modern medicine and medications. Are there risks? Of course! Everyone’s body reacts differently to different chemicals. It’s not easy to predict a rare adverse reaction. You need to look at the big picture and realize that all drugs go through stringent testing and are approved or denied public use by the FDA based on the benefit versus the risk. Out of roughly 312 million people, half of whom may be vaccinated, and only 40 reports of seizures in toddlers? That’s a pretty good benefit to risk ratio when you realize that pertussis and dyphtheria once killed thousands of children every year.
      If anyone is trying to scare people, it’s not the LA Times, it’s this so-called scientist at naturalnews.

      • you are part of the problem not the solution, and in the ‘business’ of keeping people sick, I bet you are fat lazy, watch TV believe the mainstream press and have a shitty life, and probably do not speak 2 languages and have never traveled except maybe cancun, you are just a schill obviously

        • objectivenurse

          Lmao why would I be on this site? I’m 24, about 105lbs, an active protestor with anonymous, MAM, occupy, and the movement to bring justice for MIT student Aaron Swartz. I traveled to Peru on a service trip this summer with other nursing students to deliver health teaching about skin cancer, sex ed, stds, and contraception to people who have no access to it. I speak Latin and Spanish, and I haven’t owned a TV since 2011! Hahahaha funny how you are so wrong. If you want proof here’s all my social media linkage:

          I know there are plenty of things wrong with this world, plenty of lies, cover-ups, and false flags. However, I have the ability to critically analyze from all sides of an argument and can use reason to come to conclusions that are logical. I don’t just swallow what someone tells me, whether it’s the mainstream media or alternative news websites.

          Remember to always keep an open mind, and never lose your faculties of LOGIC and REASON.

          • so, you are 24, that says it, you are dissing Mike Adams and believe me I have issues with him also , but you do not and will never know more than me, and I apol.ogize then about the travel and other languages, I assumed the norm
            so I imagine you work for a large corporation and your thinking is confused,

            and yes I do agree,on this that TV is mind rot, I had the “get rid of your TV” bumperstickers in the 70’s,
            entonces si se peude hablar en espanol entonces es mucho mejor,
            and thanks for helping the poor latinos we need it,

            however the so called amerikan medical system is a joke, and you, my lass are part of it,
            it is your paycheck is all,
            I guess u went to Peru for the feel good extra credits , who knows
            but you are speaking out of your league, good luck to you

            • objectivenurse

              I agree the American health system is “a joke,” as you put it, in many aspects. But vaccination isn’t one of them. Look at our infectious disease mortality rates and compare those with other countries. The proof is in the numbers, sir.

              You don’t know me, and who I am is not even what’s important. Your disrespectful remarks and effort to belittle my intelligence just prove you operate for your ego and not for truth.

              If you find some evidence and can back up antivaxing with actual evidence like this “scientist” failed to do, I will be open to it. I operate for truth, and I seek to spread truth.

            • if yoiu readthe article he is talking about flu shots, not mumps,measles, diptheria, rubella, FLU SHOT ‘BUSINESS’ and not MY ego, it is to invoke some debate and discussion and wake up call to the doped, dumbed-TV down gringo sheeples, which are a joke, I left to third world in 1994, just back here w/. the heinous system that caused my Mom’s death after I got her off all her dope and pills, except one by changing her diet, then greed medicare fraud abuse took, over I have a law suit, but I go back to healthier happier Central America in 2 weeks, this time I hope never to return, or not too much so again what do you say you know, when you did not read the article about FLU SHOTS-vacines
              shame most all of under 30 are absolutely worthless these days, this entitlement,i have a site not selling anything for my pleasure
              google your only real health is your wealth etc and ‘only the best seafood’