Secret Banker Meeting In New York Unveils New Digital Cash System (VIDEO)

Secret Banker Meeting In New York Unveils New Digital Cash System (VIDEO) | Cash-Ban | Banks Faith Global Bankster Takeover Government Control Multimedia New World Order RFID Chips Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests

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If anyone is keeping score out there, it would be a curious thing to learn the overall score between those who are called “conspiracy theorists,” and those who are doing the name calling. Conservatively, I think we could make an educated guess that the “conspiracy theorists” are batting around .750.

The whole concept that the global elite have been pushing toward a cashless society is not a new one, but it’s one that has been laughed off as pure conspiracy nonsense for some time. In the article below, Michael Snyder discusses a “secret meeting” that involved more than 100 executives from some of the biggest financial institutions in the United States was held in New York City. But for Bloomberg, the world might have never known the meeting took place.

Recall that Revelation 13:17 talks about how “no one might buy or sell, unless he has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of its name.” In the cashless society that those in control of the global money supply are working toward, without a chip, a person would not be able to buy goods or services, and therefore eventually they would either give in, or die.

It’s been known for years that in the U.S. alone, the Fed gave out $23 TRILLION DOLLARS in loans at 0% interest to it’s owners, and that was done so that the 13 families who make up the New World Order can can buy virtually all the world’s assets after they crash the global economic system on purpose, and continue their march to enslave a broke and destitute mankind. Much of what follows comes from a previous post titled, FDA approves ingestible RFID chips: The “Mark of the Beast” is upon us today, and the following video breaks down what you can expect this post to cover, and what the three videos below cover.

Whether you as an individual believe in life after death, a spiritual realm, the occult, or even the Illuminati makes no difference to the ones plotting to either 1) kill you as part of their massive depopulation agenda; or 2) rule over you with an iron fist if you survive depopulation. For the doubters out there, or those who have already been hypnotized into a state of delusional denial by the mainstream media, I encourage you to take a look at: Rockefeller: Conspiracies About ‘One World Order’ and Depopulation True.

In the post that follows, non-believers will be required to willingly suspend disbelief long enough to examine what cannot be argued, not the least of which are links to actual UN documentation confirming much of what follows. It’s time to stop pretending there are no bogeymen. The bogeymen are very real, and they are coming. The simple fact is, the global elite don’t even have to conceal their true intentions anymore. They can tell people their true plans, even put them in writing, and the masses have been so brainwashed they still don’t believe it.

Secret Banker Meeting In New York Unveils New Digital Cash System (VIDEO) | Devil | Banks Faith Global Bankster Takeover Government Control Multimedia New World Order RFID Chips Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests

What were once “secret societies,” are still secret in the sense that their membership rolls include only the global elite, but they make no effort to hide their intentions anymore, and yet people still cry out, “Conspiracy Theorist!” The following two links are go directly to the U.N. website… “Conspiracy Theory” THAT!



If you’re not so inclined to read the documents yourself, I have written a post summarizing them titled, Agenda 2030 and the “New Economic World Order” – Coming this year? How will the global elite pull off such a scheme for a cashless society? Start by considering that the secret meeting described below by Michael Snyder comes only a short time after the 2015 Bilderberg Meeting, where ingestible RFID microchips were a main topic. Then consider that the FDA has already approved ingestible RFID chips. When the video below by Paul Joseph Watson came out talking about Former DARPA Director (and current Google executive), Regina Dugan pushing the idea for mandatory ingestible RFID chips… everyone laughed. “Conspiracy Nonsense” right?

All of what you’ll read below in the article by Michael Snyder is very real, and the secret meeting took place about a month ago. So, you might want to begin paying attention in the hopes we can put an end to the global elite’s plans before they materialize. In the next video, Alex Jones explains the technology being proposed to implement a cashless society, technology he refers to as, “The Mark of the Beast.”

Alex explains that as a result of the very origin of their belief system, the the global elites are obsessed with what they consider their “religion.” He makes a special point to note that that none of them are atheist either. As a group, they have a modern pseudo-scientific mindset, or a cult you might say, that is very closed minded about a great many things, and unfortunately for humanity, they also have virtually unlimited resources to carry out what they feel is their birthright. At the conclusion of the article by Michael Snyder, listen to one of the chief architects of the plan to force ingestible RFID chips on the planet… and that is only one of the technologies she mentions…

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