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An earlier article discussed secret torture prisons in Yemen – at least 18 UAE-run black sites, Washington almost surely complicit in what’s going on. War in Yemen has been waged by three US regimes, Trump the latest.

Saudi-led terror-bombing since March 2015 was orchestrated by Washington, supplying its regime with weapons and munitions, providing help in choosing targets to strike, as well as logistical and intelligence support.

Pentagon officials admitted involvement in interrogating detainees in Yemeni torture prisons. Claiming no torture or other forms of abuse occurred in their presence was a bald-faced lie.

Torture is official US policy, authorized at the highest levels of government, especially post-9/11 – despite international and constitutional law banning it at all times, under all circumstances with no allowed exceptions.

The UAE lied, claiming no involvement in torture or other forms of abuse. Lawyers and family members of victims explained around 2,000 or more men disappeared into black site torture prisons.

According to former detainee survivors, victims are flogged, beaten, and otherwise abused.

AP News disclosed what’s been going on covertly, US personnel “only yards away” while detainees are brutalized.

A new AP report discussed UAE sexual abuse amounting to torture at prison facilities in Yemen, saying the following:

According to witness testimonies, “(f)ifteen officers who arrived at Beir Ahmed prison in Aden hid their faces behind their headdresses, but their accents were clearly identifiable as from the UAE.”

“They lined up the detainees and ordered them to undress and lie down. The officers then searched the anal cavity of each prisoner, claiming to be looking for contraband mobile phones.”

“The men screamed and wept. Those who resisted were threatened by barking dogs and beaten until they bled…”

Descriptions of abuse suggest sexual torture is rampant in UAE-controlled prisons in Yemen. AP believes it’s going on in at least five black sites.

Abused detainees are Houthis or supporters, not al-Qaeda or ISIS fighters, as AP claimed. Washington, the Saudis and UAE support these terrorists.

Witness testimonies obtained by AP indicated “Yemeni guards (work) under the direction of UAE officers…us(ing) various methods of sexual torture and humiliation.”

“They allegedly raped detainees while other guards filmed the assaults, and are accused of electrocuting prisoners’ genitals. Witnesses claim they sexually assaulted others with poles.”

“They strip you naked, then tie your hands to a steel pole from the right and the left so you are spread open in front of them. Then the sodomizing starts,” according to one witness.

According to one former detainee, “(t)hey tortured me without even accusing me of anything. Sometimes I wish(ed) they would give me a charge, so I (could) confess and end this pain. The worst thing about it is that I wish(ed) for death every day, and I (couldn’t) find it.”

AP cited drawing of a detainee being electrocuted while hanging naked from chains, others beaten while surrounded by dogs, along with graphic depictions of violent rape.

The US and UK claiming no knowledge about what’s going on is a bald-faced lie. Both countries are heavily involved in naked aggression against the Yemeni people.

They’re the main weapons and munitions suppliers for the Saudis and UAE. Britain partners in Washington’s wars, its government earlier exposed as complicit in abuses at US black site torture prisons.

UK-based Reprieve said Britain was involved in torture, partnering in Washington’s war on terror, knowing information gotten this way has no validity. Victims say anything to stop pain.

Sexual and other forms of torture are illegal, immoral, ineffective, inexcusable, and unforgivable.

America, Britain, and their rogue allies continue what’s outrageous and abhorrent while falsely claiming otherwise.

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