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(Sponsored) Equity prices are volatile and risky, representing opportunities to make money. There are several strategies that are used, but historically only wealthy investors could generate robust gains.  Equity shares are traded throughout the globe, and their notoriety is growing as access isspread from home computers to mobile devices.

Trading Shares as Vestle

Vestle provides share trading securities called share contract for differences (CFD). These are very liquid securities that allow you to speculate on the direction of shares.  You will not receive a dividend but will only need to have 20% of the value of the shares in your account.  Instead of owning the shares you own a security that tracks the price of the shares.  Vestle basically provides you leverage allowing you to earn a significant return, tracking the price of some of the most liquid shares traded throughout the globe. Vestle provides CFDs on hundreds of shares including some of the worlds most iconic names such as Facebook, Apple, Google, along with BMW and Disney. By allowing you to trade markets across the globe, Vestle offers diversification which will allow you to manage your risk.

What Factors Effect Shares

Share prices fluctuate daily, and their movement are driven by several factors.  Individual stocks will move in tandem with stock indices, in some cases, which are driven by macro factors such as economic data and monetary policy. You can follow the fundamental releases issued by governments across the globe on Vestle’s economic calendar. Here data releases are tracked and reported.  Market moving events occur when the actual release differs from the estimated release.

Share prices will also fluctuate when a company issues financial results.  Earnings are scheduled quarterly, along with revenues releases and a company’s outlook.  These events are generally market moving and can generate significant volatility.  Prices can soar, or tumble of a company misses on any specific metric.  If you plan on trading through an earning release, make sure you have a view on the direction you expect prices to move.

Stock prices will also move if an analyst upgrades or downgrades a recommendation. The biggest equity bankers and traders offer clients recommendations on stock prices. The categories are buy, sell or hold.  Historically there are few sell recommendations, but they do occur.  Analysts will also provide a price target. If the target changes or the recommendation changes, the price of a stock can move.

Sector Performance

Stocks will also fluctuate if there are sales or inventory releases during a specific week. For example, companies offer same store sales which can alter their share price. The U.S. government releases a weekly energy inventory report, which generally is market moving. The price swings can be volatile representing excellent opportunities to generate revenue trading energy shares.

Vestles Platform

Vestle has two platforms a web-based browser and a mobile app, each providing the opportunity to trade stock shares.  You can manage your risk, see your margin and balances, and execute CFD, to take advantage of the equity markets.  The leverage provided by Vestle allows you to enhance your returns in a market that continues to see worldwide growth.

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