Sheriff Calls Homeland Security On Man Requesting Public Records

Sheriff Calls Homeland Security On Man Requesting Public Records | norman-dalton | Tyranny & Police State US News
Sheriff Norman Dalton

LEWISBURG, TN (WSMV) – A man who says all he wanted was some public information instead got a visit from a Middle Tennessee sheriff. And he says the sheriff is going through great lengths to cover up alleged misconduct at the Marshall County jail.

Alex Friedmann, editor for the Prison Legal News, has been working on a piece about complaints coming out of the jail. He’s now suing Sheriff Norman Dalton for refusing to release public records of alleged questionable practices in the prison system.

“It included policies regarding medical care for inmates, the contract with the jail to provide phone calls to inmates, the grievance procedure process for inmates who complain,” Friedmann said.

Not only did the sheriff’s office deny him those requests, but Dalton admitted on the witness stand to ordering background checks on Friedmann, calling the Department of Homeland Security and even going to Friedmann’s house.

“I think that’s very alarming and very disturbing that a law enforcement officer can do a background check, and in this case actually drove in to check my residence in person just because I filed a public records request with his agency,” Friedmann said.

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