Shocking New Information Becomes Available On Secret Fake Cell Towers (VIDEO)

Shocking New Information Becomes Available On Secret Fake Cell Towers (VIDEO) | Twoer-2 | Military Weapons Multimedia Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests Surveillance

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A few months ago, I did a number of articles based on the video below which at the time was making the rounds on just about all the alternative media sites talking about weaponized cell phone towers. The thing is, everyone was just posting the video, no information, so I did some digging, and what I found was very troubling. The video starts off saying that in recent years, there has been a low rumbling within the highest levels of giant telecommunication Companies like Google and Lucent talking about a technological push toward what industry insiders are calling “post human society,” referring largely to the advancements in technology within the fields of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

One thing that’s important to note up front: Whether we’re talking about weaponized cell phone towers created by telecommunication giants, talking about technology like Google’s humanoid robots that can hunt down humans even in dense woods, or we’re talking about one of Google’s other machines designed to hunt humans, all the various technologies were being designed with the same outcome in mind, and that is total control over their “subjects” that use them.


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Now, in a new report DAHBOO777 is making the claim that at least of the “fake” cell towers going up have a slightly different function and makeup than the previous reports suggested. That’s not to say they both couldn’t be right, or both could be wrong, just that the reports are different. The following information comes from a military document in .pdf form titled: Appropriation/Budget Activity – 2040: Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Army / BA 7: Operational Systems Development.

It says the towers are a Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System, G-BOSS, created by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, is a trailer-mounted tower with mounted surveillance systems and integrated with the command operations center (COC) used primarily by the United States Marine Corps during operations in the Global War on Terror. The G-BOSS is used primarily for force protection, checkpoint security, route reconnaissance, patrol over watch, improvised explosive devices emplacement detection, intelligence gathering, and personnel/vehicle identification. Take a look in the first video:


G-BOSS(E): Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (Expeditionary) (G-BOSS(E)) will replace the interim Persistent Surveillance System-Ground (PSS- G) Increment 1 towers with improved persistent surveillance capabilities and will provide network integration and better mobility utilizing modular configurations. G- BOSS(E) will replace obsolete, quick reaction capability (QRC) surveillance and force protections systems utilizing modular configurations: Light (man-transportable) for extra small base camps or small outpost/company, Medium (mid sensor height) for small to medium size base, and Heavy (high level sensor height) for large contingency base camps. G-BOSS(E) will operate in a stand-alone mode or as part of an integrated network utilizing government owned software, be easily operated and maintained, and be rugged enough to support employment in expeditionary operations worldwide.

IGSSR-C: The Integrated Ground Security, Surveillance and Response Capability (IGSSR-C) is a requirement to provide a layered approach to integrate sensors, sensor systems and unmanned systems with automated fusion capabilities. The system will provide a Force Protection (FP) Common Operational Picture (COP) capability for CONUS fixed, OCONUS semi-fixed or expeditionary elements in all Operating Environments (OE). This capability will enable rapid decision analysis, speed the response process as well as increase information dissemination horizontally and vertically along the chain of command and with outside supporting organizations. IGSSR-C is a software centric fusion engine that connects legacy and emerging FP systems, legacy Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN), unmanned systems, biometric identification and forensic data systems. The desired end state is to achieve interoperability and COP with current and emerging FP systems used by Joint Forces, Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and multi-national forces. 

Integrated Base Defense (IBD): The purpose of IBD Kitting is to harvest and refurbish physical security and Force Protection (FP) Non-Standard Equipment (NS-E) and package them into integrated and interoperable IBD Capabilities. IBD provides integration of software and analytical capability to support the integration of systems in the field. IBD employs an enterprise approach to enable IBD capabilities across the operational spectrum by leveraging interoperability efforts in support of the Integrated Unit, Base and Installation Protection (IUBIP) framework.

In the next video below, some people DAHBOO777 knows went out to investigate, and much of what was learned in the original stories is confirmed, despite the fact there are some differences it would seem. The folks that went out to take a look at the tower ran into some workers who claimed the tower allegedly belongs to Verizon, and the workers said they were employees of Verizon. However, upon taking out their Verizon phones, the folks DAHBOO777 was filming were unable to get a signal, which is in keeping with the original reporting several months back.

People who had inspected the towers I reported on a few months ago, which may or may not have been the same types of towers as these new ones, had said that the hardware inside the towers was incapable of performing the same functions of a cell tower. The equipment was much more massive than that within cell towers of similar size.

PHOENIX, Ariz. (INTELLIHUB) — Several concerned citizens decided to further investigate a suspicious “Verizon Wireless Antenna Site” that has been disguised to look like a natural palm tree.

However, while the investigators found that the site is registered to Verizon Wireless, they seem to think that the tower is not emitting cellular phone signals after running tests which show the tower is not increasing phone signal in the area.

Is the tower part of some Deep State spy grid?

Shocking New Information Becomes Available On Secret Fake Cell Towers (VIDEO) | Twoer-2 | Military Weapons Multimedia Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests Surveillance


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