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I try to stay away from the topic of politics because I believe BOTH political parties are supremely corrupt. As such, casting a vote in either direction may be endorsing and contributing to such dishonestly. Additionally, as a person who makes his continual meager attempts to follow the Rabbi Jesus, this was noted by one of his closest disciples . . .

“No one serving as a soldier of Christ . . .

gets involved in civilian affairs.”

(2nd Timothy 2:4)

In other words, with the finite time we have on our hands, with working a job to pay the bills, commuting to and from such, eating, sleeping, spending time with our family, and minimal personal relaxation to unwind from the self-imposed depleting “rat race”, there are not that many minutes left in life for much of anything else. If one does not believe in God, or is not Truly a Dedicated Disciple thereof, then a person generally believes that government (or politics) can solve the world’s ills and spends their remaining time so engaged, even though organized society has had about 6000 years since the first Samarian civilization to solve the world’s problems with politics, yet all to no avail.

The fact is, more people died from War (the Pentacle of Political Failure) during the last century than during all of human history beforehand. Surely, if I tried for 6000 years to lose weight by following a particular diet and it NEVER worked, you would think and hope that I would come to my senses and try something else. Such is the case with politics. This is why, rather than wasting an hour of my life in such futility as voting, I have decided to spend the time more productively, perhaps by taking a nap.

If I am a Dedicated Follower of the Divine Councilor, then perhaps I should spend these limited minutes between consciousness and exhaustion each day doing what the Messiah did: Seeking and Saving the Lost, as no politician, however great, will be able to grant their followers eternal life. All that they really promise (and often do not fulfill) is merely a little more money, the root of most evil to begin with. Arguing sides, consuming precious time and energy, in the never-ending tirade between “Liberal” and “Conservative”, is simply wasteful, as sometimes it is best to be liberal with resources and sometimes it is best to be conservative with resources. Those who would have half of the citizens of their country endlessly fighting the other half, are merely the corrupt officials at the very top who want to distract the population with such time-consuming futility, as to draw attention away from their own disreputable behavior, so that the citizens do not instead turn and unite against them.

BOTH political parties are racist. The Republicans only have about 1% of their membership African American, which should tell you something, yet the Democratic party, in their promotion of Abortions at “Planned Parenthood”, actually kill three times more black persons ready to be born than whites. Without this repeated annual personage deficit promoted by the Democratic party, African Americans would not only be equal to whites in the country’s population, they would actually vastly outnumber whites in their own political organization, which they have made great efforts to stop.

BOTH political parties have their top leaders receiving the same directives from the elitist non-elected “Counsel on Foreign Relations”, whose mutual subservient presidents attend devil worshiping ceremonies at “Bohemian Grove” and similar “Secret Society” pagan rituals. The idea of their being two different political parties is pure theater, like a fake wrestling match, to deceive the citizens into thinking they live in a democracy, when they in reality do not.

If the United States was Truly a democracy, then when the congress UNANOMOUSLY passed a bill, the president would not have the power of a dictator to veto it, as was just seen regarding the unanimously agreed upon congressional legislation “allowing” U.S. citizens to sue the Saudi Arabian government because their diplomatically approved countrymen made up 80% of the accused hijackers of 911, a bill repeatedly promised to be vetoed by the “serving” president. (Since when does a third party have the right to tell another who they can sue anyway?) The same duplicit “democratic” government also just ignored 90% of Americans who wanted GMO labeling, and sided instead with the 1% of corporate owners who opposed this legislation, which was merely to list the ingredients of foods to be ingested by Americans they swore to protect and inform.

What a sad joke.

Instead of wasting your most precious dwindling time arguing about who’s proposed short term policies are most advantageous to make you a few more dollars over the next four years, what about using this limited energy fighting for your, and others, ETERNAL soul instead?

If you feel you must vote, just keep in mind that Ronald Reagan was one of the most powerful and popular presidents of the last century. He ran twice for election as president on the platform of . . .

#1   A Balance Budget

#2   A Flat Tax

#3   Making Abortion Illegal


Instead, why not vote for which individual, regardless of ideological platform, is the MOST HONEST . . . or LEAST corrupt . . . whoever that might be. After all, would you rather have a Sheriff who agrees with you on abortion, yet is dishonest, or would you rather have a Sheriff who disagrees with you on abortion, yet is honest ?

I will discuss this, and much more, in this weeks episode of “Conspiracy Corner News“.

Just click on the Youtube Link below to watch.

 Brother Bart-


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