Should You Use Weight Loss Supplements?

Should You Use Weight Loss Supplements? | pills-medicine-diet | General Health Special Interests

Most people want to lose weight to experience the benefits of having a healthy body and avoid the problems of not. The stresses of excessive weight include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the spectrum of problems caused by toxins are experiences we’re better off to avoid. One of the cornerstones to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and its benefits, is the understanding that having a healthy body isn’t a process with an end; it needs to be a way of life.

A Consistent Plan Has Cumulative Benefits

Adopting extreme methods for the short term to “get back on track” will not be met with success. Crash diets are similar to the 30-minute dental hygiene exercise of brushing, flossing, and rinsing that some people will perform before going to the dentist to make up for months of skimping out. The reality is that a cram job doesn’t add up the same way that cumulative benefits do. If you want to lose weight, you need to make a healthy diet and regular exercise part of your life.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Well, if I just lost 10 pounds I’d be exactly where I want to be and the goal would be achieved.” Losing ten pounds may be a worthwhile goal, but achieving it doesn’t mean the journey is over. If you weigh 170 pounds, and temporarily adopt the habits of a 160 pound person long enough to become one… only to return to the habits of a 170 pound person, you’ll turn right back into a 170 pound person again. That’s exactly why a majority of people who lose a significant amount of weight, fail to permanently keep it off. Temporary change produces temporary results; permanent change produces permanent results.

Quality Matters

Many people supplement their diet and exercise efforts with weight loss supplements. The motivation and intentions aren’t necessarily evil or wrong. If your body operates in a less than optimal capacity, such as may be the case when a sluggish thyroid or imbalanced blood sugar levels are present, supplementation to support the shortcomings of those ailments may be beneficial when safe, high quality, effective supplements are used. A weight loss supplement which lacks any one of those three traits should immediately be excluded from your consideration.

Miracle Drugs or Money Wasters?

Many weight loss pills, powders, and potions are available from pharmacies, natural health food stores, and online. But, how many actually do anything? How many contain ingredients worth mentioning? How many are the result of a budget where 90% of the dollars are spent on marketing, and 10% are spent on product formulation? Usually, a glance at the accompanying advertisement and its supporting documents will tell you if the weight loss product is what it claims, or just a waste of money.

5 Considerations Before Choosing a Weight Loss Supplement

There is no shortage of weight loss products on the market. Most have very interesting sounding names, probably have a very nice label, might have a photo of a weight lifter or athletic person but, despite the eye candy, lack any real sort of efficacy or benefit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a “weight loss” product commercial that talked about everything except how it worked! Before spending your money, make sure you understand the product you’re buying.

  1. What are its active ingredients?
  2. Is there any supportive research to substantiate the efficacy of those ingredients?
  3. Is the formula tried and tested, or is it today’s latest fad?
  4. How safe is this? Are there dangerous side effects?
  5. Is the product of interest because of packaging, or because of its efficacy and quality?

You need to examine the contents of any weight loss product you use. Don’t let beautiful labels and attractive marketing cloud your assessment of the actual ingredients and quality of what you’re ingesting. Buying a cheap supplement isn’t the place to save money, you may just be buying yourself a capsule of toxins. It’s very easy for a “company” to make a bulk purchase of cheap, low quality extracts and powders produced in completely inorganic and unacceptable conditions, encapsulate a junk formulation, and put it in a bottle with a picture of a fitness model on the label.

Know Your Source

Make sure any company you entrust your health to has a track record of taking that responsibility seriously. Are they using quality ingredients? Where did they source them from? What production method did their facility use? And, is it organic? Is the product presented in a way that addresses its real potential or is it a lot of fluff?

Global Healing Center has been producing nutritional supplements of the highest quality possible for over ten years and has thousands of satisfied customers. A weight loss formula like Slimirex® used in combination with appropriate dietary adjustments and a complementary exercise routine are measures that support the development of a healthy body. Slimirex is the only weight management product on the market to use the Spagyrex® processed blend of powerful herbs to support normal weight management. The ultra-pure herbs work synergistically to burn fat, suppress appetite, charge your metabolism, and reduce cravings for sweets.

Progress is addictive, be sure to record your results!

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About The Author

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world. He no longer sees patients but solely concentrates on spreading the word of health and wellness to the global community. Under his leadership, Global Healing Center, Inc. has earned recognition as one of the largest alternative, natural and organic health resources on the Internet.

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