Social Media Hostility to Speech and Press Freedoms

Social Media Hostility to Speech and Press Freedoms | social-media-world | Free Speech Internet Censorship Special Interests US News

In cahoots with US dark forces, Facebook wants truth-telling on vital world and national issues censored, content diverging from the official narrative suppressed.

Twitter, YouTube and other major social media operate the same way. Google transformed itself from search engine to gatekeeper, featuring media scoundrel disinformation while re-ranking alternative sources of news, information and analysis.

After targeting for alleged “hate speech,” Twitter banished Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s Peter Van Buren and its executive director Daniel McAdams.’s editorial director Scott Horton was banished for allegedly using improper language against journalist Jonathan Katz.

On August 9, Infowars said a deep state “electronic lynch mob (is) targeting software running” its website, accusing tech giants of being behind the “de-platforming” attack.

Venezuela Analysis (VA), the leading English language source of news and information on the Bolivarian Republic, was targeted – its Facebook page suspended to suppress truth-telling, falsely labeling it propaganda.

A VA statement said the following:

On Thursday, its FB page “was arbitrarily ‘unpublished’ ” – on phony claims about violating FB terms and conditions.

VA was targeted solely for “publish(ing) important pieces which challenge the corporate mainstream media narrative on Venezuela” – truth-telling, countering media scoundrel disinformation on the country.

VA “is the only independent English language website covering news and analysis on Venezuela from a progressive perspective, & which platforms leftist grassroots voices from within Venezuela” – featuring journalism the way it’s supposed to be, an antidote to mainstream rubbish.

FB remains silent about its abhorrent action, too ashamed to admit its alliance with US dark forces, enemies of peace, equity, justice, and truth-telling on vital issues.

Neocon Senator Chris Murphy called for greater censorship to “sav(e) (America’s fantasy) democracy.”

FB allied with the Atlantic Council (AC) – a neocon infested enemy of world peace and stability think tank, promoting NATO’s killing machine, America’s military, industrial, security, major media complex, and Ziofascist Israel.

FB hooked up with the AC’s imperial geopolitical agenda to censor material falsely called “foreign interference” – AC to help in so-called “fact-checking,” wanting truth-telling on vital issues suppressed.

Former Obama regime official Graham Brookie heads AC’s so-called Digital Forensic Research Lab, an initiative for countering vital truths.

It’s involved in FB actions against targeted websites and other so-called “suspicious pages” considered foreign interference.

According to FB’s chief security official Alex Stamos, the company will collect and submit so-called suspicious online material to AC for fact-checking – code language for intended censorship.

FB donated an undisclosed substantial amount to AC’s Digital Forensic Research Lab for the initiative, partly outsourcing its own dirty work while pretending to be politically neutral.

Censorship is the new normal in America – speech, media and academic freedoms threatened.

What’s going on is all about controlling the narrative, wanting dissenting views suppressed – the hallmark of totalitarian rule.

Will congressional thought control legislation affirm it – on the phony pretext of protecting national security?

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