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On Monday, August 21st, 2017, America will experience a Solar Eclipse unlike any since 1776, in that the path of “totality” (100% darkness, about seventy miles wide) will stay completely inside of the United States only.  As the America only eclipse of 1776 signified the birth of the “United States”, the America only eclipse of 2017 may conversely signify the country’s death.

According to fellow Sleuth Journal writer Michael Snyder, in 2008, a respected departed preacher by the name of John Paul Jackson, prophesied that a series of great calamities would come to America a decade after his vision of such, or in 2018.  If true, then the celestial “signs” are certainly pointing to such an occurrence.  Furthermore, seven years from now (seven being a significant Biblical number), in 2024, the United States will again experience a starkly similar solar eclipse.  In both cases, the path of the shadow of totality (total darkness) literally cuts the country in two.  On August 21, 2017, the first eclipse cuts America in two from Oregon to South Carolina, and on April 8, 2024, the second eclipse cuts America in two from Texas to Maine.

Solar Eclipse MEANING | Path-of-Eclipse-4-8-24-300x189 | CIA Conspiracy Corner Environment Faith FEMA Camps Government Government Corruption Military News And Opinions News Articles Off-Grid & Independent Living Pole Shift Politics Predictive Programming Preparedness\Survival Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Society US News World News

“A kingdom Divided cannot stand.”

(Mark 3:24 – Quoted by President Lincoln)

Is it merely a coincidence that this “X” falls at the very center of the New Madrid Fault Line, America’s largest, most deadly, and yet least known earthquake zone, just after the federal government’s completion of a $268 Million Dollar earthquake proofing of the I-40 bridge, the most important transportation link in the troubled area?  Additionally, two days after the first of these two eclipses, on August 23, 2017, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be conducting a critical drill called “Black Sky”, in which the scenario of a permanent blackout (due to nationwide electrical grid failure) will be implemented.  Not only has the government’s own infrastructure experts warned that such an event is inescapable due to unpredictable, yet inevitable, solar storms, the CIA’s own “predictive” (ESP/Prophecy) department has had its experts repeatedly warning them for the past several years that such a catastrophe is definitely in America’s near future.  (Why else would the government spend $268 Million Dollars on earthquake proofing a bridge, if they did not anticipate an earthquake in that precise location?)

Recent congressional studies of the consequences of a long term electrical outage in the United States are not pleasant.  As our society is so critically dependent upon electricity, from pumping fuel out of the storage tanks underneath the ground at gas stations into our trucks to transport essential food to grocery stores, from powering hospitals, police/fire stations, and sewage/water treatment plants, 50% of Americans are estimated to die within the first year of such a catastrophic power outage, largely from thirst, starvation, and disease, with an estimated 90% dead by the end of the following year.  If earthquakes and civil unrest are added to the equation, you can see why the projected mortality figures are so high.

Most believers in the Bible are completely unaware, as I was until recently, of the devastating nature of the United States, as outlined in the book of Revelation, chapter 13, wherein a world conquering “second beast” (the United States) arises after the “first beast” (the church of Rome/papacy).  If true, then America’s government has so severely lost its moral compass since its honorable founding 241 years ago, that its corrupt leaders have subjected their own misled people to the inevitable coming wrath of God.  (Be sure to read the article below under “References” entitled “The USA in Prophecy” to better understand this mystery.)

Surprisingly to some, all of this was foretold thousands of years ago in the prophetic visions of our patriarchs . . .

“The sun will be turned to darkness,

before the Great and Terrible day of the Lord.”

(Joel 2:31)

Great” for the Believers who will thereafter inherit Eternal Life for their Faith in the forthcoming unseen, yet real events, and “Terrible” for the unbelieving, who will nevertheless end up believing, though belatedly, with their own eye’s witness, yet simply too late to be saved, by not pre-believing through Faith in the foregoing prophetic warning, to turn from their personal inequity before the Final Judgment Hour.

 I will discuss all this, and much more, in this episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

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