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Solar Storm Means No Food & Water (VIDEO)

For the past year or so, the Alternative Media and a few mainline television programs have been warning that a Solar Storm similar to one which occurred in 1859 is inevitable to happen again.  If it does, the consequences would be very different than in 1859, due to our utter dependency upon electricity for survival.

To start with, all gasoline is pumped out of the ground, both into delivery trucks and into your gas tank, with electricity.  A strong solar storm would fry power grids rendering them useless for quite some time, perhaps decades, as even without this emergency, replacement parts for which are presently on a three year backorder. If the whole world is clamoring for replacement parts for power grids and substations all at the same time, decades could pass before electricity is restored to your community.

As 90% or more of Americans are dependent upon food from grocery stores, which have their supplies delivered by gasoline (or diesel) powered trains and trucks, this means no food delivery for a very, very long time.  A 2008 study of this scenario from the United States government, estimated that 90% of Americans would be dead within one year after a powerful solar storm, all the while those who conducted the study are doing nothing whatsoever to prepare for it, as if they want 90% of their fellow citizens to soon perish.

Are YOU ready to survive?

In this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News I will discuss newly discovered evidence which makes the possibility of a devastating solar storm up to ten times more likely than before.

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