Soros Helped Nazis, Laughs About It On TV (VIDEO)

Soros Helped Nazis, Laughs About It On TV (VIDEO) | george-soros-helped-nazis | Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests World News
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Watch George Soros laugh about helping Nazis during World War 2.

According to his book (and this tv interview), George Soros tagged along as Nazis robbed people and shipped them off to camps. His interview gets bizarre as Soros smiles and giggles about watching Nazis rob and displace people. How does Soros find this funny? Is there something he isn’t telling us? Or does he truly enjoy watching people get robbed and killed? Why is this man laughing? Soros interview (60 minutes) here:

Barry Soetoro does Soros have no conscience?

Is that why George Soros is paying ‘protesters’ to riot against newly-elected Donald Trump? … because Soros tried to get Hillary Clinton elected — but when that failed, went back to ‘plan b’ — violent riots to destabilize the USA.

Is Soros’ goal softening the usa for globalist (United Nations) takeover and/or martial law?

Did Soros pay hillary to throw 2016 election:…

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