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Drugs, The Illegality Of Healing And Pharmageddon

Special Interests |  | To most of us, the word “drug” conjures varied, if not diametrically opposed images and connotations. On the one hand, “drugs” are illegal substances, associated with addiction, bodily harm, crime, and other unpleasant experiences. These drugs include cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana and heroin, and are generally not considered to have medicinal effects. On the other hand, ...Read More »

7 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Colon Cancer

Special Interests |  | Since the mid-80s, the rate of colon cancer has been slowly declining at the rate of about 1 percent per year, but it seems we always have bad news mixed in somewhere. Traditionally thought of as a disease affecting the over 50s, one study paints a gloomy picture. Not only is there a sharply increasing ...Read More »

The Real Reason For America’s Looming Retirement Crisis

Special Interests |  | Did you know that approximately 40 percent of all American workers have absolutely nothing saved for retirement? And did you know that pension funds in the United States are currently underfunded by about six trillion dollars? Social Security is supposed to be the underlying safety net for our entire retirement system, but it is essentially ...Read More »

City Of London's Ownership Of American Colonies

Special Interests |  | The misplaced reverence to the ill formulated U.S Constitution and hidden subjugation back to the City of London is one aspect of history that is not taught in government schools or discussed in institutes of higher education. This subject is probably new to most observers of the legacy from the Founding Father’s biggest mistake. Regular ...Read More »

Trump’s Drug Czar Pick Exposed For Being on Big Pharma’s Payroll

Special Interests |  | By: Annabelle Bamforth, The Free Thought Project | President Donald Trump’s reported choice to serve as Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy has raised alarm concerning conflict of interest, as his top pick has been criticized for protecting and benefiting from the pharmaceutical industry. The ONDCP is responsible for most of the shaping of U.S. drug ...Read More »

Syria Reportedly Moved Warplanes to Russian Airbase

Special Interests |  | Unconfirmed reports suggest Damascus moved its warplanes to Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in Latakia, Syria – for protection against further US aggression, likely wanting them destroyed. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment, saying “(t)he Kremlin does not have any comments on this issue. We do not deal with the movement of warplanes. You better forward ...Read More »

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing

Special Interests |  | Dry skin brushing is a beauty and health practice that is quickly growing in popularity. The Internet abounds with blogs, articles, and videos dedicated to this topic, and each point of reference regards it as a simple way to support good health. While dry skin brushing won’t be the magic bullet for any ailment or ...Read More »

7 Reasons Why Sunflowers Are A Multi-Purpose Prep

Special Interests |  | Thomas Bulfinch was once quoted as saying, “The sunflower is a favorite emblem of constancy.”  How right he was. This faithful flower is as useful as it is lovely, and should be a must in your personal seed libraries. Sunflower seeds are often overlooked for long-term preparedness goals. It’s a small seed, so it’s understandable. ...Read More »

Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of Getting Married And Starting Their Own Families?

Special Interests |  | Did you know that the percentage of 18 to 34-year-old Americans that are married and living with a spouse has dropped by more than half since 1975?  Back then, 57 percent of everyone in that age group “lived with a spouse”, but today that number has dropped to just 27 percent.  These numbers come from ...Read More »

A Global Catastrophe Is Being Orchestrated By The Elites: “There Are Many Things The President Does Not Know”

Special Interests |  | By: Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFplan.com | Following the money is always the key and crucial element to determining the “probable cause/modus operandi” regarding to globalist actions.  Although there are many who believe that President Trump is the panacea to all our problems, even they may perhaps admit that there are forces other than the President that ...Read More »

Researchers: Delay Breastfeeding To "Improve" Vaccination?

Special Interests |  | Over the course of the past few years we have been gathering studies from the US National Library of Medicine on the adverse, unintended health effects of vaccination, in an attempt to offset the one-sided propaganda foisted upon the public, namely, that all vaccines are unequivocally “safe” and “effective” a priori. Along the way, we happened ...Read More »

Vaccine Animal Cells: Bird, Pig, Cow, Dog, Monkey, Mouse, Worm and Insect DNA Used in Vaccines

Special Interests |  | Vaccine animal cells are a disturbing but frequently overlooked aspect of the whole vaccination issue. Fortunately, there has been a wide-growing awareness of the many toxic ingredients and adjuvants used in vaccines (see here for a list of the top 10). While people rightly object to substances such as mercury, MSG, aluminum and formaldehyde, how much ...Read More »

Only Chlorine, Not Sarin, Involved In The Khan Sheikhun Incident

Special Interests |  | By: Moon of Alabama | Those who blame the Syrian government for the allegedly chemical incident in Khan Sheikhun are now pushing the analysis of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to the front. But the results of the OPCW tests are inconsistent with the observed technical and medical facts of the ...Read More »

The Benefits Of Kamala

Special Interests |  | Kamala (also known as Kamcela, Spoonwood, or Mallotus philippinensis) is a well-known plant coming from the humid tropical forests of Australia, the Philippines, India, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Africa, Southern Arabia, and southern China. First mentioned in the ancient Indian text, The Kurma Purana, kamala’s health-supportive properties have been highly revered the world over for ...Read More »

False Accusation Against Russia on North Korea

Special Interests |  | The Trump administration is spoiling for confrontation with Pyongyang. Nuclear brinksmanship risks the unthinkable. At the same time, Trump abandoned efforts to improve relations with Russia. Reportedly, Secretary of State Tillerson’s meeting with Sergey Lavrov in Moscow didn’t go well, both diplomats disagreeing sharply on Syria and other key issues. The latest Russia bashing episode ...Read More »

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