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Which Items Will Disappear First During A Major National Emergency?

One day in the not too distant future, a major emergency will strike this nation, and that will set off a round of hoarding unlike anything we have ever seen before.  Just think about what happens when a big winter storm or a hurricane is about to hit one of our major cities – inevitably ...Read More »

Ministry Of Truth- New Weekly News Quiz Takes Western Propaganda To New Levels

Now that the US Western empire has taken off the propaganda gloves and is going all out to demonize anyone who stands in the way of its PNAC-Neocon global domination (including seven countries in five years) plan by labeling the sovereign nations of Syria, Iran and Russia as the new “axis of evil” for destroying ...Read More »

US Government Experimenting Using Secret Electronic Warfare On Citizens (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the interview below, we’ll check in with David Voigts, a former US Navy officer and an exemplary American who seeks to honor his oath to the Constitution to protect all Americans, is walking across the United States of America “to raise awareness for a growing group of victims ...Read More »

Why Is The German Government Telling People To Stockpile Food, Water And Cash?

The government of Germany is advising citizens to get prepped. Increased terror attacks from refugees have put the country on high alert, and a new “Concept for Civil Defense” will be presented on Wednesday. Generally speaking, the more dependent a citizenry is, the easier they are to control. In my book, The Pantry Primer, I wrote ...Read More »

Mysterious Deaths Associated With The Clintons

  A reader inspired this article, highlighting the mounting body count “in Clinton world,” naming several most recent examples. Lots more preceded them, revealing the potential hazard of being associated with Bill and Hillary, then from knowledge of how they operate, going public or intending to, dying under mysterious circumstances. Pravda provided a partial list ...Read More »

ISIS Has A New Focus: Killing Christians And Bombing Churches Wherever They Can Find Them

If you are a Christian, ISIS wants to kill you. Our politicians keep telling us that our battle with ISIS is not a “religious war”, but to ISIS it most certainly is. As you will see below, ISIS has a new focus. They are very clear about the fact that they intend to kill as ...Read More »

Back To School: The Cesspool Of Illegal Indoctrination (VIDEO)

  Former Education Secretary under Ronald Regan said, In America today, the longer you stay in school, the dumber you get…” –William Bennett Outside of the fact the federal government is illegally (Violation of Article 10 of The Bill of Rights) and intentionally indoctrinating American students in public schools through International Baccalaureate, No Child Left ...Read More »

UC Berkeley's Damaging Radiation Levels To “Law Enforcement, Government Satellite Technology” With No Further Investigation

By: Ramola D. with Tracy, The Everyday Concerned Citizen |  Ongoing and extremely concerning radiation levels recently detected in a University Village Albany apartment at the University of California (UC), Berkeley campus in Alameda County, California were reported to Housing and Environmental Health and Safety staff at UC Berkeley. The University claims however there are ...Read More »

Raising Competent Kids In An Incompetent World

It’s probably no surprise that the young people of today aren’t particularly independent.  Not only does the “education” system take great pains to mold them into follow-the-herd, terrified automatons, society in general doesn’t force them to do much for themselves either. My oldest daughter recently came home for summer vacation and we discussed her first year ...Read More »

The Real Hillary Clinton

Who is the real Hillary Clinton? When you listen to the people who have researched Hillary in depth (such as Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash), the people who have worked with her (such as former Clinton insiders Larry Nichols and Dick Morris) and the people that claim to have been molested by her (Cathy ...Read More »

FDA Issues Revised Draft New Dietary Ingredient Guidance For Supplements

Previously jubilant Industry not so jubilant as NHF’s predictions come true. I truly wish that I had been wrong. Four years ago I predicted in writing that the whole-food industry’s jubilance over the decision of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to revise the FDA’s Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient ...Read More »

Is Civil Unrest Coming To Suburbia? Rest Assured, The Media Will Lie About It

Many people watching Milwaukee burn on the news from the safety of their homes in the suburbs feel immune. It seems like this only happens in big cities, right?  “These people are burning down their own neighborhoods, how ridiculous,” observers say. They feel safe in their belief that the issue is merely a war on ...Read More »

New “Thought Police” Unit Armed With Own Budget And Re-Education Camps (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Americans who go about their lives in a zombified state existing somewhere between clueless and misinformed, right now figurative lines in the sand are being drawn, and both sides are digging in for the fight of our lifetime. Will the United States remain ...Read More »

Two GOP Committee Chairmen Accuse Hillary Of Perjury

  Perjury is a serious US crime, involving willfully lying under oath with intent to deceive in verbal, written or other testimony in court, before a grand jury, in congressional testimony, among other proceedings. On August 15, House GOP Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz jointly ...Read More »

Dr. Jim Willie: We Are Just Weeks Away From Worst Crisis In Global History (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following video, Dr. Jim Willie joins Sheila Zilinsky from “The Weekend Vigilante” to give his cutting edge analysis of what’s really happening in the global economic markets. For those who don’t know, Dr. Jim Willie is highly regarded as one of the leading experts on the gold ...Read More »

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