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The Bundy Ranch Standoff, Agenda 21 And 9/11: Connecting The Dots (VIDEO)

The Bundy Ranch land grab is all about the implementation of the UN''s Agenda 21 which GW Bush signed in 1992. The agreement calls for "sustainable" development, land "preservation" and much more and it gives those looking to advance the new world order plans the excuse they need to drive sovereign citizens from their own

911: What Really Happened And Why?

  I) Background  The arbiters of the official version of the events, which occurred on that black day, Sept 11, 2001, contend that the 911 truth movement is comprised of “conspiracy theorists”. According to them the ‘conspiracy nuts’, ostensibly, have no hard evidence to back up their wild scenarios. So the general public is led

9/11 Official Scenario: What About The Pools Of Melted Metal?

I began by reading reports of melting dripping metal at the World Trade Center after the attack on September 11th. Some of these reports come from weeks after the attack. This seemed quite strange. Following links, I arrived to Dr. Steven Jones and his famous paper, “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” Jones

9/11 Truther Seizes Mic During MVP’s Superbowl Victory Speech

Behind the scenes, head of coach of Seattle’s winning team already posed 9/11 truth questions to a top Pentagon official and lead general in the Iraq War: were the September 11 attacks planned or faked by the United States government? In an unexpected moment during MVP Malcolm Smith’s speech after the Seattle Seahawks blowout at

9/11 Truth: Loose Change 3rd Edition (VIDEO)

Loose Change is a full length documentary detailing overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

ReThink 9/11: Revealing Truths, Dispelling Lies

ReThink911 is a new 9/11 truth initiative. More on it below. 9/11 is the Big Lie of our time. Truth is its mortal enemy. Revealing it is vitally important. Spreading it lets many others know. Growing numbers of architects, engineers, physicists, pilots, former military and intelligence officers, and other members of the public reject the

Consensus 9/11: New Truths Dispelling Old Lies

A previous article explained the following: Consensus 9/11 seeks "best evidence" proof. It does so to dispel official story falsehoods. It's founded on: "(1) The opinions of respected authorities, based on professional experience, descriptive studies, and reports of expert committees. (2) Physical data in the form of photographs, videotapes, court testimony, witness reports, and FOIA

Are You Sure You Know The Truth About What Happened On 9/11? (VIDEOS)

Do you believe that you know precisely what happened on 9/11/2001?  Are you absolutely certain that you know the truth?  If so, what you are about to see might shake you up quite a bit.  The events that happened 12 years ago shocked the world and will certainly never be forgotten.  Thousands of innocent people

It's Been 12 Years And It's Time For The Truth!

We live in a time where DHS will categorize an individual as a terrorist if they question the government on nearly everything. At the risk of being hauled away and never heard from again under the NDAA, I wish to, once again, bring forth my objections to the government secrecy of the events of 9/11.

"RE-THINK 9/11" Billboards Popping Up In Busy Downtown Areas

New re-think 9/11 billboards have popped up in two major cities in the US. One being in New York and the other in Dallas. Both appear in very busy downtown cores where millions will see them. Importantly, they made their debut in time for the anniversary of 9/11 which took place a couple of days

Russia Today News Declares 9/11 An Inside Job False Flag Attack! (VIDEO)


9/11 Firefighters Reveal Bombs Destroyed WTC Lobby (VIDEO)

  Newly obtained video that was reluctantly released by NIST after a lawsuit by the International Center for 9/11 Studies shows two firefighters on 9/11 discussing how secondary explosions occurred immediately before the collapse of the twin towers, providing damning new evidence that explosive devices were used to bring down the buildings. Firemen discuss how

US Government Protection of Al-Qaeda Terrorists and the US-Saudi Black Hole

For almost two centuries American government, though always imperfect, was also a model for the world of limited government, having evolved a system of restraints on executive power through its constitutional arrangement of checks and balances. Since 9/11 however, constitutional practices have been overshadowed by a series of emergency measures to fight terrorism. The latter

Could 9/11 Truth Topple the American Empire?

I’ve thought about this quite often since hearing the idea on one of Freeman‘s talks. As these exposes, staged and otherwise keep rolling out, it appears we’re being steered toward a major breaking point leading to the dissolution of America as it once was. What if a 9/11 inquiry were held in the European or

Star Trek Into the Darkness of 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

While many reviews of the new Star Trek film seem to miss the obvious, there is no doubt that key elements of the plot are a commentary on modern politics and specifically the war on terror. The creators of the movie announced this to be their intention in 2009 telling the LA Times that the

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