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The Bundy Affair Is The Tip Of The Iceberg To What’s Coming

The BLM has tucked their tail between their legs and run for cover. Sheriff Mack, the other sheriffs, various state legislators, Oathkeepers and average people who make up our militias personify the words courage, integrity and honor. May God bless and protect every brave soul who went to the aid of a beleaguered family. Our

Classic Agenda 21 Disinfo Article From The Daily Beast

As reported in the Daily Beast (click here for smear story) "SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER" Active ‘Patriot’ Groups in the United States in 2013 The Intelligence Project identified 1,360 anti-government “Patriot” groups that were active in 2013. Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or

The Bundy Ranch - "The Government Owns Nothing And Controls (VIDEO)

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio about the latest info in regards to the situation at the Bundy Ranch and where this may be going in the next few weeks. Press For Truth For more from stefan Molyneux visit:

Globalization Of California Conference

In meetings across California, unelected and unaccountable regulators are setting up networks of regional government that are usurping local control from you and your duly elected city, county, community and other local officials. These regional bodies are not acting in the “public good” but are reinventing a government that strips property rights away from legitimate

How Water Will Be Used To Subjugate America

Let’s assume for a moment that in the unlikely event that the Ukrainian crisis is mitigated without escalating into World War III, we have another dire set of circumstances which have been created that will force the world into conflict. Let’s further assume for another moment that in the highly unlikely event that the sheep are

The Agenda 21 Water Police Are Making Their Move To Enslave American Communities

The globalists murdered Detroit through the various free trade agreements consisting of NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA. And now, their Agenda 21 minions are coming for your water, your homes and your children.  There are several parts to this story. First, there is the human interest story of corrupt city forces who are abusing people from

$2 Billion Bet On Your Virtual Future: Facebook And Virtual Reality Is Agenda 21

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg is betting $2 billion that you'll prefer virtual reality to the real thing.  He has just invested in Oculus, a company that makes headsets for virtual reality personal imaging. The 'story' is that this is all about gaming but it's not a big leap to virtual classrooms, virtual travel, virtual relationships,

Response To So-Called 'Whistleblower'--"I Was There Video"

There's a video on youtube of a woman speaking; saying that she was there at Rio in 1992 and George H. W. Bush did not agree to UN Agenda 21. Sorry, this is false.   Here is George H.W. Bush's press conference speech following his agreement to UN Agenda 21: From President George HW Bush's news

Our Fight Against Plan Bay Area: Step Up Now

OUR LAWSUIT (Post Sustainability Institute, Rosa Koire, and Michael Shaw v Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments) AGAINST MTC/ABAG WAS FILED OCTOBER 2013.  YOUR FUNDING ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED TO KEEP THIS MAJOR CHALLENGE TO REGIONAL GOVERNANCE ALIVE. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW. The Post Sustainability Institute strongly objects to the tremendous overreach of

Death Of A Salesman: How UN Agenda 21 Kills Small Business

Small business.  The chance to conceive an idea and bring it to fruition has appealed to those who hoped to work for themselves and develop a dream into an independent reality.  All across the world men and women buy and resell, make, bake, craft, and create goods and services that they hope to grow into

Our Children Have Been Sentenced To 12 Years In Re-Education Camps

Your child has been sentenced and has served nearly a year of their 12 year sentence to a re-education camp. No, we are not talking about a FEMA camp, but we may as well be. Yesterday, Ted Cruz called for the abolishment of the IRS. Although I agree with Cruz that the IRS must go,

The Gap Year -- Pre-College Students And UN Agenda 21-- Common Core

The Gap Year. What is it?  As most middle and upper class parents of high school students are discovering, The Gap Year is the year following graduation from high school when college is delayed for a year or more to 'help the student find his or her purpose.'  Rather than wasting a year in college

Agenda 21 For Your Own Good: Global Health Security Initiative

The genocidal maniacs are at it again. The usual suspects (WHO, UN, IMF, World Bank, US, Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, etc.) have concocted a new scheme which is, quite literally, nothing short of Agenda 21 at the end of a gun, for your own good, of course. It has lovely, soothing and safe-sounding name: the

The Green Police State Is The Prelude To Genocide

“If you drive a car I’ll tax the street If you try to sit-sit I’ll tax your seat If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat If you take a walk I’ll tax your feet Tax man” THE BEATLES Americans are getting locked down as the screws are tightening and soon all the pieces

The New Social Class Structure Of The United States

America is being nudged and now pushed into the heinous world of Agenda 21. However, I believe that when self-preservation takes over, the use of force will be necessary to get most people to willingly go along with this encroaching tyranny. This is another topic for another article. Whistleblowers such as Deborah Tavares, Rosa Korie

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