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David Icke: Mind Control and the New World Order (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  | Over 20 years ago, David Icke made predictions about the state our society would succumb based on years of research into the shadow governments and the people who run them. Because of his persistence and the accuracy of his work, tens of millions of people worldwide are filling venues to hear Icke’s extraordinary information. The ...Read More »

The Masters Of Terror (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  | In two hours, Alex Jones reveals the Globalists’ master plan for world domination. In this powerful expose, Jones explains why the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the populations into accepting tyranny. The Masters of Terror details the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash, the cashless society control-grid, implanted microchips, ...Read More »

The Order of Death (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  | To commemorate the five year anniversary of his historic infiltration of the Bohemian Grove, the occult playground of the global elite, Alex Jones presents his newest film, The Order of Death, an amazing and horrifying look into the rites and rituals of the modern day descendents of Babylonian mystery cults.”The Order of Death” picks up ...Read More »

Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove - Anthony J Hilder, Robert Hammond (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  | Low Resolution Version. High Definition Version will be available at Free World Film Works”Illuminazi Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove identifies the core of the criminal cabal that orchestrates the evils of the world. It needs to be viewed, reviewed and reviewed once again. Its the best single expose of the Luciferian Elite in existence on ...Read More »

Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  | (in case you dont know what your leaders do) – Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California. Members of the so-called “Bohemian Club” include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This ...Read More »

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  | Alex Jones’ latest documentary shatters the hoax of the terrorism, revealing instead that government is history’s greatest killer. Now a 21st century technocratic global corporate tyranny seeks to kill billions with the superweapons it has created under a police state control grid and through the central banking warfare model it brought to life. This documentary ...Read More »

Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  |   POLICE STATE 4 chronicles the sickening depths to which our republic has fallen. Veteran documentary filmmaker Alex Jones conclusively proves the existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, now being expanded nationwide. The military industrial complex is transforming our once free nation into a giant prison camp. A cashless society control grid, constructed ...Read More »

The Obama Deception (VIDEO)

Bohemian Grove |  | The Obama Deception will be the first hard-hitting film to expose Obama, his agenda & handlers cutting through all the media hype, side-issues and Left/Right rhetoric. Alex has made several films exposing the Bush agenda and will approach the Obama Administrations plans from the same non-partisan point of view looking past the frontman in the ...Read More »

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