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The Truth about Chemtrails (VIDEO)

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | My father was a high-ranking officer in the United States Air Force for two decades. Subsequently, I grew up in and around Air Force bases for the formative years of my life. In all those years, I never saw the strange crisscross patterns in the sky that so many people are seeing today. The question ...Read More »

The Guardian’s Disinformation On Geoengineering And Depopulation

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | (The Real Agenda News) The British newspaper, The Guardian has published two articles this morning where writers Dana Nuccitelli and Madeleine Summerville have attempted to feed readers propaganda regarding geoengineering and global depopulation. While Nuccitelli starts his article claiming that geoengineering, the practice of manipulating the climate to supposedly mitigate global warming, is being considered ...Read More »

The Synthetic Agenda: The Distorted Heart of the New World Order

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | The synthetic agenda is the over-arching agenda of the New World Order worldwide conspiracy. Think about it – so many aspects of the conspiracy are about supplanting the real with the fake, the organic with the inorganic, the carbon with the silicon and the biological with the artificial. In the synthetic agenda, everything in our world is being ...Read More »

How Geoengineering Became The Mother-Ship Of All Conspiracies

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | Freedom Chronicles: Eerie depiction of life after chemtrails… It had been happening in many talk circles. Yes, less and less people were willing or wanting to talk about geoengineering and chemtrails spraying, all the while the massive daily spraying continued evolving into what would become a catastrophic draught throughout the United States which had started ...Read More »

Why Is Toxic Mercury In San Francisco Fog? Ocean Pollution Or Geoengineering?

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | By: Cassius Kamarampi, Era of Wisdom | It was recently reported that the toxic metal Mercury was found in San Francisco fog. Mercury is highly toxic at low doses, causing a variety of symptoms including strange mental ones, said to occur from the inhibition of chemicals produced in the brain such as the amino acid ...Read More »

Chemtrails, Terraforming, Transhumanism And You

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | [Written for this month’s issue of The New Agora Magazine] What most people are not allowing to coalesce in their consciousness is the grand scheme behind the so-called chemtrail program, also known on a more macro level as geoengineering. Geoengineering is an ongoing operation to steer and fabricate not only the world’s weather, but its ...Read More »

This Is What 'Climate Change' Looks Like (VIDEO)

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | On this week’s episode a true “manmade climate change activist” and award-winning filmmaker Michael J. Murphy returns to the program to discuss important updates on the potential global carbon-centric dictatorship and his third documentary, An UNconventional Shade of Grey, which focuses on that imminent threat. Murphy’s third film is due to be released this June. Murphy ...Read More »

Corrupt Government Causing Simultaneous Worldwide Deadly Event (VIDEO)

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | America is not alone when it comes to drought. A global weather phenomenon threatens the future of our food and water supplies, as well as our global economy. Countries in the Middle East, countries in Africa and parts of South America are among a few facing severe drought conditions. While droughts have plagued the earth ...Read More »

Chemtrail Crimes: Human Hybridization And Aerial Vaccinations (VIDEO)

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | Well, this is about as dark as it gets but it needs to be said. As we’ve known all along, chemtrails are a multi-faceted program. It’s the ultimate delivery system. By poisoning our air it affects every living thing, much like chemically or biologically altering a pond in order to affect all the fish. With ...Read More »

Green-Washing: Climate Terrorism Openly Advocated By Mainstream Media

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | Mainstream media is now talking about measures to ‘save the planet’ from non-existent global warming. One of the greatest hoaxes in human existence is the notion that humans are responsible for catastrophic climate events. But even people who believe such a fairy tale are hard pressed to explain why it is that the environmental movement ...Read More »

Health Challenges … And Solutions (VIDEO)

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | Alternative health author Catherine Frompovich returns to the program to discuss the impact of RF radiation, geoengineering and genetically modified organisms on human health and the environment. Catherine is a retired natural nutritionist who’s probably more active in retirement than most people are in their current professional lives. She has advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic ...Read More »

Cognitive Programming, Social Conditioning And Geoengineering

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | Here’s a perfect example of the old “talk as if it’s an idea for the future to soften public acceptance of an already ongoing program” ploy. We’re seeing more and more of this pre/post cognitive programming technique used in the geoengineering field as more and more are becoming aware of this insanity. They also use ...Read More »

Prince Charlie And The Climate Factory

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | To really understand the true context of this climate change charade one must factor in the massive worldwide geoengineering program. Unbeknownst to many, prior to the escalation of the war on Syria, millions of Syrians farmers were driven to poverty and forced into city centers for work via engineered drought. It’s all part of clearing ...Read More »

These 15 Arguments Will Destroy Chemtrails Deniers (VIDEOS)

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | As we approach the end of another year let’s remember that humanity is now subjected to yet another full year of spraying with metal particles. Not just humanity but all the poor creatures on earth are being sprayed, every plant and every tree, the bees and birds, the soil and all the little creatures that ...Read More »

Chemtrails: The Secret War (VIDEO)

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering |  | “This documentary is dedicated to everyone who wants to fight for truth and life on planet Earth. Let’s stand up and defend our rights!” -Antonio and Rosario Marciano Antonio and Rosario Marciano administrators of the Italian website TANKER ENEMY produced the film : “ Chemtrails the secret war ”. This HD documentary film is the ...Read More »

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