The Bank For International Settlements Warns That A Major Debt Meltdown In China Is Imminent

The pinnacle of the global financial system is warning that conditions are right for a “full-blown banking crisis” in China.  Since the last financial crisis, there has been a credit boom in China that is really unprecedented in world history.  At this point the total value of all outstanding loans in China has hit a ...Read More »

The U.S. Economy: Soon The Fireworks Will Start, Then Hell On Earth Follows (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the interview below, Dr. Jim Willie begins by talking about how the Labor Day Holiday is traditionally when people celebrate the end of the summer, and prepare to enter an exciting new fall season. Normally, that time of year is accompanied by good times, family, and fireworks. This fall is likely ...Read More »

Which Items Will Disappear First During A Major National Emergency?

One day in the not too distant future, a major emergency will strike this nation, and that will set off a round of hoarding unlike anything we have ever seen before.  Just think about what happens when a big winter storm or a hurricane is about to hit one of our major cities – inevitably ...Read More »

Dr. Jim Willie: We Are Just Weeks Away From Worst Crisis In Global History (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following video, Dr. Jim Willie joins Sheila Zilinsky from “The Weekend Vigilante” to give his cutting edge analysis of what’s really happening in the global economic markets. For those who don’t know, Dr. Jim Willie is highly regarded as one of the leading experts on the gold ...Read More »

How The Globalists Will Attempt To Control Populations Post-Collapse

There is an interesting disconnect with some people when discussing the concept of global centralization. Naturally, the mind reels in horror at the very idea, because many of us know, deep down at our core, that centralization is the root of tyranny.  We know that when absolute power is granted into the hands of an ...Read More »

Dr. Jim Willie: Japan Is On The Verge Of Total Economic Collapse (AUDIO)

By: The Voice of Reason | In the following interview, End Times Newsman Rick Wiles interviews the legendary Dr. Jim Willie. As Rick explains at the opening of the interview, Dr. Willie is not your “average” guest by any means. Dr. Willie is a “different kind of guest” altogether. Rick explains that it’s one thing to know ...Read More »

The Economic Collapse In Venezuela Is So Bad That People Are Slaughtering And Eating Zoo Animals

If you were hungry enough, would you kill and eat zoo animals?  To most of us such a notion sounds absolutely insane, but this is actually happening in Venezuela right now.  This is a country where people are standing in lines for up to 12 hours hoping that there will be food to buy that day, ...Read More »

Are YOU Prepared ? (VIDEO)

If you are reading this, then you are likely in the minority of people who understands what the “mainstream media” and their brethren politicians tell you about the economy, compared with reality, may be “slightly” different from one another. For example, while the government and the evening news reports United States unemployment at 4.9 %, ...Read More »

Peter Schiff: Expect An Economic Crisis Infinitely Worse Than 2008 (VIDEO)

By: The Voice of Reason | Want to understand why people MUST begin to prepare for the worst economic crash in global history. Here it is as plainly as it can be put, with tons of supporting links at the bottom. In the following video, AMTV interviews Peter Schiff after the Fed meeting, and as an ...Read More »

10 Facts About The Great Depression

There is a poem by Margaret Jang that begins “To know your future, you must know your past”.  And such it is with the events of today and the Great Depression. The more I learn, the more I want to know because after all, while the PTB and the main stream media report that the ...Read More »

How To Survive A Personal Economic Collapse

With all that is being written about the economic collapses of nations around the globe, people in America seem to be waiting for some huge event. But what if it isn’t a huge event like  a stock market crash or a currency collapse that you actually need to be concerned about? What if our disaster ...Read More »

England’s Clever Sacrificial Chess Move – Brexit (VIDEO)

In chess, one of the cleverest moves of all time, is to sacrifice your most powerful piece, the Queen, in order to win the game. The same is true today of the Queen of England backing the “Brexit”, that is, initiating England leaving the European Union. I always wondered why England was the only country ...Read More »

George Soros Is Preparing For Economic Collapse – Does He Know Something That You Don’t?

Why is George Soros selling stocks, buying gold and making “a series of big, bearish investments”?  If things stay relatively stable like they are right now, these moves will likely cost George Soros a tremendous amount of money.  But if a major financial crisis is imminent, he stands to make obscene returns.  So does George ...Read More »

15 Ways To Prepare For A Rogue Wave Of Collapse

Spend ten minutes on the web surfing the key words “prepping skills” and you will be presented with site after site preaching the gospel of prepping for the time when the stuff hits the fan, something we commonly call SHTF.  The truth is it is a bit bittersweet to see so many of us planning ...Read More »

How Will You Cope With A Lower Standard Of Living?

By: Tom Chatham, Project Chesapeake | The forces are mounting that will eventually overwhelm most Americans and send their standard of living to unknown depths. Americans that have only known the post WWII prosperity are ill equipped and educated to deal with depression level living. Easy credit and instant gratification have created a nation of ...Read More »

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