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These 209 Seconds Will Make You Question Your Entire Life and Existence (VIDEO)

Consciousness |  | Have you ever thought, “Where the hell are we?” I don’t mean like when you are lost on a road trip, I mean, where the heck is Earth? Where, exactly, is this planet of ours within the wider world? We are in a solar system, a galaxy… the universe — THE UNIVERSE! What is that? ...Read More »

These 3 Simple Things Will Block The Damaging Effects Of Mainstream Media News In Your Life

Consciousness |  | Life is one huge psychological journey. This is what I believe. You are what you think you are. You control your journey and how much you actually enjoy it. You control how happy (or for that matter how sad and miserable) you will be because you control your own thoughts. Yes, you make decisions every ...Read More »

The Power Of Disconnecting From The Influence Of Mainstream Media News

Consciousness |  | Quietly, disconnecting your mind from the influence of mainstream media news is one of the most powerful singular actions you can take to not only change the world around you but to change the perception and vibration of the people around you. Mass media hypnosis is known to be designed to keep you in the ...Read More »

How Consciousness Will Be The Last Stand For Humanity Against Government

Consciousness |  | The control system we all live under is now disseminating propaganda and lies at free fall speed, all designed to bring humanity down and deliver it into the hands of the control freaks who rule the world. The full manifestation of our current day model of governmental cleptocracy is now in full view. Its power ...Read More »

Has The "Conspiracies" Trigger Word Finally Run Its Course?

Consciousness |  | Hollywood calls it jumping the shark, it’s that moment when all has been done and peak has been obtained. The point when the beginning of the end has just begun. The journey of the word “conspiracies” and the phrase “conspiracy theory” has reached its glory days. The trigger word worked for a while. For long ...Read More »

How We Become Slaves Of ‘The System’

Consciousness |  | By: Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty | Almost everything you think and do is against your best interest and you don’t even realize it. It’s planned that way. The state seeks absolute control of your mind, body and spirit. Can the state succeed? It has, but only a precious few ever know. Your mind and your ...Read More »

How Fluoride Affects Consciousness And The Will To Act

Consciousness |  | By: Jordan Resnick, Conscious Reporter | New evidence has linked fluoride and other chemicals to brain disorders. What other unknown effects might this industrial by-product added to our water supply have? An examination of water fluoridation’s shadowy history reveals potentially disturbing ramifications for human consciousness. Recent research has brought the controversial practice of water fluoridation back into ...Read More »

Understanding Evil: From Globalism To Pizzagate (VIDEO)

Consciousness |  | I have spent the better part of the last 10 years working diligently to investigate and relate information on economics and geopolitical discourse for the liberty movement. However, long before I delved into these subjects my primary interests of study were the human mind and the human “soul” (yes, I’m using a spiritual term). My fascination ...Read More »

Humanity Versus Government: A Long Story Of Two Competing Consciousness

Consciousness |  | Humanity’s awakened segment now stands toe to toe against the consciousness of control more easily understood as government. Ultimately it is the individuals who work on behalf of entities that are trying desperately to control humanity that are perpetuating this consciousness of control and enslavement on humanity. The controlling entities have minions at the very ...Read More »

Seeking the True Path

Consciousness |  | One of the more subtle manifestations of the intimate link between (unconscious) human emotions and behaviour is illustrated by the simple concept of choice and how this is so often reduced to a dichotomy between two bad options. In such circumstances, most people choose whatever they consider to be ‘the lesser evil’. But how often ...Read More »

"You've missed the point ..." Why Your Life Is Not A Journey (VIDEO)

Consciousness |  | Life isn’t a journey? I know what you’re thinking. Context. Alex Watts’ words are all about context here when it comes to the word journey. In a very wise way we can look at life as a journey, and yet at the same time we can look at life as a journey in a more ‘negative’ fashion ...Read More »

What If A Hillary Victory Is What's Needed To Trigger Mass Awakening And Paradigm Shift?

Consciousness |  | With the long awaited controversial US presidential election day inching closer and as the Hillary ship threatens to sink with every passing day and every new revelation, here is a question all truth seekers should ponder. What if after all is said and done a frightening and shocking Hillary declared “victory” is the very thing ...Read More »

Awakened Humanity Awaits Fully Scripted Ending As Controversial Election Day Nears

Consciousness |  | No event in American history (if you ask me) has been more engineered, more anticipated and more built up than the upcoming November 8, 2016 presidential election. Face it. This presidential election season made the truth movement mainstream. Evil and corruption was brought into the light. We’ve observed what a George Soros-like engineered regime breakdown ...Read More »

These 32 Thoughts Can Motivate You To Do (And Achieve) Anything

Consciousness |  | Take control of your thoughts. 9 years ago I made a choice, that choice changed the rest of my life. What I realize today is that same choice is one that many face and are very afraid to consider. I want to help shift that today. In today’s world, most seem to be chasing success, wealth, ...Read More »

Subliminal Messaging And Predictive Programming: How They Work And Why Some People Are Immune (VIDEO)

Consciousness |  | Today, just for fun, we’re going to go down the rabbit hole of how entertainment and the media manipulate people. Some of this is sheer speculation, some if it is provable fact, and all of it requires that you don your full array of tinfoil. If you want to go even deeper, this book will ...Read More »

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