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European Scientists Warn about America’s Spread of GMO Viruses

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | Four teams of US scientists are said to be investigating the use of genetically modified viruses to alter the DNA in crops. Their main tool to propagate the viruses is various insect species that are also genetically modified. The official objective, according to the program financed by the US military, is to protect the crops ...Read More »

DARPA Funds Technological Start-ups

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | The long tradition of government funding for technological development has been one of the most important aspects of creating the digital warfare battlefield. War is a primary endeavor of human behavior. The absence of peace on earth is a direct correlation from the curse of malicious human nature that pits competing sociopaths for dominance and ...Read More »

NWO Overman Is The Eupraxsophy Of Transhumanism

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | The concept of Übermensch, is a German term generally associated with a superman. This Overman concept is much more than a school of thought viewpoint. It is a nightmare of untold propositions. Paul Kurtz is editor-in-chief of Free Inquiry. He states, “There is no word in the English language that adequately conveys the meaning of secular humanism. Secular ...Read More »

Global Elites Proceeding Overseas With Plan For Cashless Society (VIDEO)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | It was a post titled, Start “Doubling Up On Your Prepping;” Countdown to Economic Collapse, when I quoted Mac Slavo who said: “Now that the Western world has turned in the direction of Trump and Brexit, it may be that the bankster class is prepared to start the next phase.” Reports are already coming in ...Read More »

US Government Experimenting Using Secret Electronic Warfare On Citizens (VIDEO)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: The Voice of Reason | In the interview below, we’ll check in with David Voigts, a former US Navy officer and an exemplary American who seeks to honor his oath to the Constitution to protect all Americans, is walking across the United States of America “to raise awareness for a growing group of victims ...Read More »

DARPA Tech Straight From Book Of Revelation (VIDEO)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | This year the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense,  DARPA, who is responsible for the development of emerging technologies for the military, awarded Profusa, Inc., a leading developer of tissue-integrated biosensors, $7.5 million dollars to develop implantable biosensors aimed at providing real-time monitoring of a combat soldiers health status to ...Read More »

Scientists Create Mind-Reading Software That Projects Thoughts To Screen (VIDEO)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: The Voice of Reason | Is it just me, or are there way too many ways scientists and government agencies are trying to read minds these days? In the article below, I suppose some “marginal level of comfort” can be derived from the statement saying that it was scientists from the University of Oregon who ...Read More »

DARPA Rolling Out New Weapons To Fight “Online Extremists” (VIDEO)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: The Voice of Reason | Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” There are many constitutional conservatives, present company included, who would agree with that statement. With that said, in the current environment, I can’t help but wonder how ...Read More »

The Pentagon Is Building A ‘Self-Aware’ Killer Robot Army Fueled By Social Media

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: Nafeez Ahmed | h/t: Waldemar Perez Official US defence and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians, based on tweets, blogs and Instagram. This exclusive is published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowd-funded investigative journalism project for the global commons An unclassified 2016 Department of Defense (DoD) document, the Human ...Read More »

DARPA Wants To Make A Computer Program That Evolves For 100 Years

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: Jordan Pearson | Motherboard.Vice – The most fearsome specter brandished by the “artificial intelligence will ​enslave us all” crowd is the computer program that can adapt. Not only would such software’s core function evolve and change, but it could survive both new and crumbling physical infrastructure. This week, the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) published ...Read More »

If You Don’t Know What DARPA Is, You Should Read This

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: Jake Anderson, Anti-Media | In many ways, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) is the engine of the military-industrial complex, the heart at the center of the Pentagon that keeps America in constant state of weapons innovation and defense spending. Even before the attacks of September 11, 2001, DARPA kept defense contractors lining their ...Read More »

Experts Warn Of Doomsday And The End Of Humanity (VIDEO)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: Susan Duclos, All News PipeLine | Are we fully in control of our technology?” That is the question asked in a Washington Post article titled “The A.I Anxiety,” where the writer Joel Achenbach covers the wide range of opinions, including some of the most brilliant minds alive today who are worried about “runaway arificial ...Read More »

DARPA’s Top 3 Predictions For The Future (VIDEOS)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | By: Kevin Samson, Activist Post | When it comes to predictions, perhaps no organization on the planet is better able to make dreams a reality than the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Their “mad science” reputation already has given the world humanoid robots, drones, and the world’s most advanced surveillance systems. But they are ...Read More »

DARPA’s New Biotech Unit Will Try To Create New Life Forms

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | ( Yes, sci-fi writers hard up for new material should spend an hour or so perusing the Defense Department’s 2015 budget proposal, especially the section covering the far-out research projects underway at DARPA, where the agency’s mad scientists are working to develop brain-controlled drones, biowarfare, engineer new life forms, and possibly attempt immortality. If last year ...Read More »

NASA Leaked Document: The End Of Mankind? (VIDEO)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency |  | Is the end of mankind just around the corner? According to a previously leaked NASA document from 2001, it is. This is a very important video with Deborah Tavares and Trevor Coppola discussing the NASA FUTURE WARFARE DOCUMENT. People need to be informed and at least given the chance to see this information and make ...Read More »

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